Direct Debits - Alerts


Just wondering if Monzo provided an alert the day before a direct debit was taken?

Just in the process with the switch service so don’t have an active DD yet to check

It doesn’t matter either way but just being curious!

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Yes they do, plus you see it in the feed in advance. Also warns you if the DD is going to take more money than last time


I have some showing for Tuesday and Wednesday next week because of the bank holidays

Great thank you for the responses

Here’s an example, I’ve not blocked the figures out, nothing to personally identify me at least :ok_hand:

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Ah great thanks! I assume once the bills pot is setup the money is taken from the main account on pay day?

I tend to add money to my bills pot manually on payday, but I believe salary sorter allows you to kind of do that from one screen.

Someone else can correct me on that as I don’t use it.

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Sadly not.

As mentioned above you can use salary sorter, or what I do is setup a scheduled deposit into my pot which does it automatically each month.

I get paid on the last working day of the month, so I have mine set to move the money on the 1st of each month.


Thanks for the info