Not sure if anyone has advice

I purchased some glasses and my prescription in the left eye is wrong, I can’t see out of it and getting headaches.
Ive been ringing them and messaging them but I get ignored or they tell me I’ll get a call back but I never do. The company is a major one on the high street.
I paid with monzo and I’m more worried as it was almost 500 pounds and they’re acting like they don’t want to solve the issue and have been for almost 4 months.

What sort of advice are you hoping for?

Call them. Email them. Search for executives and email them. Go to the store.

This isn’t anything to do with Monzo so shouldn’t be in the help section.

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I’ve done all that and still stuck with something that’s unwearable.

Advice as in like what options do I have legally since they’re un useable. They took the prescription and issued me something that doesn’t work as it should.

As above find the chief execs email and send them a detailed version of the problem, they’ll get back to you pretty quickly to resolve the issue.

Opticians are open, go and see them.

If you went to get your eyes tested/choose glasses/pick them up, then you can again to get it fixed.

This one isn’t apparently they’re only open for collections now and tell me they’ll ring me but don’t.

You need to go to the store. I’m not sure what else anyone on here could possibly say that would be of any use to you.

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If you have done what everyone else has stated you could seek legal advice since you paid for a service which was wrong and since it’s giving you headaches (which is a symptom of a wrong prescription )
I’m sure that’ll get the attention you need from them.

So they are open?

Go and knock on the door and get your issue sorted. They’re opticians, not the mafia. You have nothing to fear

How soon after getting the glasses did you raise the issues?

Are the frames symmetrical? Could you try popping the lenses out and swapping them over?

Very good!


Told them day 1 when they told me to try them on in November they said you need to wait 2 weeks to see if your eyes adjust.
2 weeks later I rang them and they said they’ll ring back then they didn’t so just before new year I went to the store and they said their is a note on my account but no one can help you since they’re only doing collections.
In January I rang 6 times to be told the same and then in February I rang the head office to be told a phone call will be scheduled on 25th February but never rang me.
In march (this month) I messaged their Facebook page but it just says seen.

Sadly the lenses are curved and the frame is a strange design so it’ll be difficult to find the same shape

So what’s the CEOs office said then

They’ll ring on the 25th February but never did

Your legal options are to take them to Money Claim Online

If they have given you a strength not written on your subscription then that’s probably illegal under some medical law.

Also just go for a chargeback, and no harm naming and shaming.

Ring the head office and make a complaint. Simple

Yeah that’s what they’ve done I just couldn’t think of the wording

Apart from contacting the CEO a tweet to the optician outlining your issue often concentrates their mind into action. Remember to put a fullstop before their handle if you commence the tweet with their handle as this will have greater coverage.