Fraud case

Hi all,

I submitted a fraud case to Monzo last Sunday for a sum of over £1300. I did this through the app and through email which i got told would be past to a relevant team? I still haven’t heard back from Monzo through the app, email or phone call.

I’ve had a new card sent in the mail. However I am seriously losing confidence in their customer support… does anyone have any advice??



Hello. Unfortunately the only advice you will get here is to wait for them to come back to you, we are just customers here and can’t help.

I hope you get the resolution you need and welcome


Generally these things can take time as it needs investigating.

Have you had any messages at all or is it just your message? You could try requesting a time frame.


So i got a notification through that my money was being refunded but then they deleted that .essage as it was a mistake. I’ve now been handed over to someone else which i believe is due to this mistake and now waiting for the fraud specialists to be in touch.

Ive asked for a reference number as i want to note this with the police at action fraud but they said i cant have a reference number yet?

All you can do is message support, no one here can help. None of us know what’s going on in the background with your case

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Under regulation, banks have 24 hours to respond to claims of unauthorised transactions, in that time they need to either refund you, tell you they need more time and why, or make a final decision not to refund with a clear explanation.

The timeline here is too long. You should ask to make a formal complaint about the level of service you’ve received.