Returning Glasses To Specsavers?

Got a free pair of prescription glasses and found that I dont like them, would they oblige to change them for another pair of the same value ?


You would need to pay for new lenses as they’re made to fit the frame afaik

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Thanks, I did consider that, however on Google i found
" Prescription glasses /sunglasses can be returned to the Specsavers store from where you collected them. Please note that all returns (including where you exercise your cancellation rights) are to be returned with all component parts within 30 days of you receiving the goods."]

The reason I want to return is because i find the frame distracting, is this the case with all glasses though ?

How long have you had them? Always weird if you have a new frame style for a week or 2 til you get used to them

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Only 4 days lol. Haven’t been wearing them much, just for TV.

And yes i’ve done some reading and apparently you get “used to them”

I will pop into specsavers and see what they say :slight_smile:

Just give it time and wear them :joy:

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Did you not try the frames before you bought them?

I did yeah but I didn’t notice them at that point. Only once i started wearing them after I got home

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Sometimes the existing lenses will fit in new frames, in which case in my experience Specsavers will cut them to size for free. This won’t work for all frames. If the new frames cost less than the existing frames you do not get the difference refunded. If the new frames cost more than the existing frames then you pay the additional cost.

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