Normal bank account

(marta ) #1

Has anyone switched to Monzo completely as their everyday normal bank? Just wondering as I would like to do this! Also do you think it’s better than a normal bank?

Thanks in advance :grin:

(Leon) #2

No and not at the moment as too many standard banking facilities are missing at the moment. It’s a ok second account to have without a doubt. I would not put all my eggs in this basket. Nah uh not me not right now.

(Starling Guru) #3

Yes and Yes

(Marcel Ruhf) #4

I get my salary paid into this account and use it for day-to-day spending and bills - so I’d say go for it. Just in case I need to deposit cash or receive an incoming DWIFT transfer, I maintain a Barclays account that is inactive 99% of the time.

(Hugh Wells) #5

Yup! I get my salary paid into it :slight_smile:

Define ‘normal’? :wink:

(Marcel Ruhf) #6

I guess he means “legacy”.

(Allie) #7

I have and it’s very normal for me. I like it a lot!


You might find this thread, and the ones linked in it, interesting reading :slight_smile:

(James Murray-Ferris) #9

I’ve done it and I do miss a web version from time to time but overall I think all the features you actually need from a bank are there.

It is nice that on a day to day basis I know what my actual balance is my only minor annoyance is that it’s not a joint account so me and the other half are constantly doing p2p payments

(Brian Moran) #10

As soon as I was able to I fully switched. I’d highly recommend it. There’s nothing to fear.

(Kevyn) #11

I was excited about Monzo. I spent 11 hours, over £100 on a 400 mile trip to get the preview current account. The lack of features which I get from other legacy bank accounts stopped me transferring it into my main account. I do use it as a spends account daily though. The extremely slow development or fixes to basic issues means I’m evaluating even using Monzo as a second account. I’m waiting until the end of the prepaid cards to see if that allows more rapid development or I may move on.

(Hugh Wells) #13

Message us and we will do our best to help :slight_smile:


I use monzo as my primary, wage bills spending etc. The instant transaction speed alone is a big factor, especially as a student living payday to payday, slow transactions can catch you out all too easy.

I keep a “legacy” bank account which is mostly unused but also has my credit card.

(Adam) #15

I can’t let go of my old bank.


Yeah all my good stuff is on Monzo but I keep an account with the nearest faceless banking corporation for rare cash deposits and to remind me how magical Monzo is compared to the primordial slime of incumbent banks.


My main account is Monzo, and has been since July. No regrets what so ever.

I still have a personal Lloyds account and a joint Lloyds account. But Monzo is my daily account.


(Kenny Grant) #18

Yes I’ve been using it for all personal spending now for months.

I think it is now reliable and featureful enough for this not to be a problem. I do have several accounts anyway (joint, old current, Corp). If you only have one account and have any worries, keep the old one and just switch gradually. That way there is really no risk, and there are no real downsides to having multiple bank accounts. More people should do this.

Downsides (these don’t affect me) - no cash deposits, no cheque books, no Apple Pay yet, no international payments yet, no joint accounts yet.

Upsides - excellent and engaged customer support via chat (though haven’t even needed that in a while), interesting ideas like coin jar and marketplace (this is more a promise of future innovation than current features). Lower costs (no branches, orders of magnitude less staff) mean they will spend less per customer long term and have less incentive to squeeze customers for money.


For a basic current account it’s OK. It needs to offer as much as a legacy bank if I’m going to go all in with it and it’s miles away from that. With the glacial rate of progress it’s hard for me to see a future with Monzo. However Barclays don’t offer Google Pay so it’s good for that, for now.

(Alex Sherwood) #20

Monzo’s doing releases every two weeks now, I wouldn’t call this glacial.

It might not offer everything you want right now, which is fair enough but that’s not quite the same thing :slight_smile:

(Marcel Ruhf) #21

What are you missing (besides retried direct debits, more advanced standing orders, cashback, cheque imaging and support for an occasional cash deposit)? I wouldn’t expect things like a “normal” interest-paying savings account, loans or credit cards as they are going the marketplace route.