New to Monzo

I’m new to Monzo, just got the card and account number, etc. and I’m considering to make it my main account having my salary going to my Monzo, but somehow I hesitate.
Can someone tell me about how is having Monzo as the main account please?
Thank you :nerd_face:

Hey Daniel - Welcome to the forum :wave:
Completely understandable about being hesitant about moving things over, There are actually a few threads about that very thing. I’d suggest having a read through these threads (and others!) to help your decision.

There are even some threads where people havent been thrilled about Monzo and moved away.

Hopefully these give you a balanced view. Feel free to search and ask questions!


Thank you Leonard :+1:
Does Monzo has a feature helping with transfer of my direct debits?

Not yet but Current Account Switching service is on the roadmap.

You can see all the upcoming and available features here;

We are working very very hard on CASS.


Cant wait to see the big banks squirm when customers start using CASS in droves to come to Monzo.


The Cheque Redirection Service is part of the Current Account Switch Service. However as Monzo is not a member of the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company (last time I checked) can you clarify if that part will work or not, i.e. will it allow for cheque redirection or only BACS direct debits and direct credits?

That’s a good questions, let me source the answer.

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Thank you!
Please let us know.
I will check with my direct debits and maybe I will do it “manually”, but I’m trying to avoid all the hustle :sweat:

The advantage to doing it manually is that you can move one at a time and prove that each one has worked :slight_smile:

Well, that’s how I did it anyway.


I’ve been advised that there isn’t really any built in redirection we can personally take advantage of, as we are not a member of the cheque clearing system as you said. We will likely manually forward cheques if we see an account is closed :+1:


Thanks. I just thought I would raise the issue as I saw on the Starling forum one customer complaining that when they used CASS a cheque was not honoured (only Direct Debits) and they felt Starling should have warned people about this. I feel Monzo should warn people when CASS brought it, not start warning only after complaints.

EDIT it is noticable that the CASS website does not seem to envisage banks without cheques so implies all cheques will be honoured rather than explain it is only if a bank belongs to the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company.


Appreciate you highlighting it :raised_hands:

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Thank you Colin :sunglasses:

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