No way to open support chat anymore

I’m interested to see if/how far monzo drop in the Independent service quality survey results which I think come out in August each year?

Monzo have been top / joint with Starling for a while but no way can they hold on to that when they’ve outsourced their customer support.

I’m in the situation of rarely needing support but you don’t want to have to deal with a bunch of clowns when something does go wrong.

They won’t. Monzo’s customer support has been dire for years now. Those survey results don’t represent that shift at all. But customer service isn’t really what they’re measuring anyway.


Noticed the same issue, I have tried many banks over the years and this is Monzo’s biggest weakness by a long shot. Every other bank, no matter the bank has either a direct calling option or very easily accessible live chat. Monzo has neither and the last few times my problem has not been listed in their self help guide after spending too much time sifting through it all. Really bad IMO for a bank not to have an option to contact them directly, they don’t have the option to phone so at minimum, should have a direct live chat option with a robot in the chat to try help me solve my problem and if it cannot then straight to a human like Revolut and other legacy banks are now doing.

Monzo’s customer service is something like trying to contact Sky through all their self help guides with their actual chat option hidden deep somewhere, it’s like going into a maze nowadays whenever I want to speak to Monzo.

I still do all my main banking through Monzo and thankfully rarely need them which is why this alone hasn’t made me switch banks but when I do need to speak to them it’s ridiculously hard and enough for me to switch if Starling or Revolut catch up to Monzo’s offering.

Didn’t want to start a new thread and this is one of the most recent ones about Monzo support.



More likely /r/overemployed



Why are you wasting your own/support time with this?

But I thought this whole thread was because you couldn’t talk to support?



All you do is follow the flow not harass support to do it.



And now they’ve wasted our time


It was. And then @ndrw showed me the secret way of contacting support. So now I’m free to waste my time.

Maybe this is why they took it off you!


Ha. Probably.

I mean I did make a FOS complaint about an error they made on their support chat a couple of years ago, so maybe this was their revenge?

The correlation between me and @urban would be this:

The last time I contacted support was about the issue I took to the ombudsman in 2022 (the clock thing) too, in which the customer support was a factor of my complaint.

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We don’t talk about the clock thing :eyes:

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That’s crazy if they did take away chat from people if they had made a complaint about it.

Indeed. But we’re a sample size of 2. And correlation ≠ causation.

So there’s no evidence to actually suggest they’re doing that.


I wasn’t being serious. I’m pretty sure Monzo isn’t that malicious.

The what thing?

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I hate that I just read this thread.

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