No support

Have the support team disappeared? I’m on the second day of trying to get someone in Chat to help me with a relatively trivial problem. There’s just no one there. Or they’re ignoring me.

A couple of people have popped up. Each one asks one silly question to try to pass the buck back to me, then goes silent. Hours apart. No engagement whatsoever.

Is anyone left in the support team?

So there clearly is support if people are “popping up”.

Are you clear in what you’re trying to do and what you want them to do?

Yes it is a very simple question. I just want to temporarily raise the bank transfer limit to make a purchase. There is no option to do this for a Joint Account.

Yes there is. Follow the limit raise flow but be using your joint account.

Thanks, but that is exactly what I did. I made the request in the account that contained the money. But it was granted to the account that didn’t.

And, in any event, that doesn’t explain why there is no one in chat support making any attempt to engage with me. Two people yesterday asked me something, one a 2pm and one at 9pm. I answered, making it clear that I needed help, and why, but no rejoinder or follow-up was forthcoming. I don’t understand why that just leave the query unanswered.

I’ve just done a search as this felt familiar. Looking in another topic where a similar issue occurred, it seems that an increase will be for your joint account AND your personal account (seems odd to me):


That’s interesting. I wonder why it show as being applied on the individual account only? My worry is that, when it comes time to make the payment, it might fail. And do I then need move the money quickly from one account to the other? Indeed, can I move that much across the accounts instantaneously? It’s the uncertainty that is so stressful…

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OK, finally, after 22.5 hours on Chat, with three uncommunicative people, popping in for a moment then disappearing without trace, I finally got the answer.

From a Monzo Specialist Team, no less!


Thomas here from a specialist team at Monzo. We recently approved a limit increase for £**** for a payment to be made on ****. Our payment limits apply per customer, so you will be able to make this payment from your Current Account or Joint Account. A Business Account is deemed separate in this regard, and those limit increase requests are handled by our business banking team.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let us know."

I hope that, one day, they might put this very clear explanation on the page that asks whether the request is for Personal or Business. It would have saved hours of futile Chat.

Thanks to those here who were helpful and responsive :+1:t2: