No way to open support chat anymore

Searching for “contact support” used to bring up the option to chat, but now it only brings up the option for the self-help flows. Which is great if the thing you need is on there.

I need to increase my open banking limit, and “open banking” is not one of the options. So I submitted “card payment,” but it turns out it’s not that option. And I can only select a future date for the payment limit to be increased, so I have to wait for the following day to find out that wasn’t the correct option.

After the flow has finished, there’s no way of adding a comment to the request. What is this madness? This wastes the customer’s time, and CS time because I have to trial and error multiple requests until I get it right.

(BTW, the payment limit was increased within seconds - for tomorrow, so great work on speed, terrible work on UX).

The result: I transferred the amount out of Monzo, to a bank where I can actually communicate with a human.

I’m fairly sure the limits are mostly fixed, £5k for example, but can send that amount more than once.

Not sure I’ve ever seen it increased.

I got you

(Shame on Monzo)


whoa you’re a genius. Thank you!

Contacting Monzo seems to be one of the biggest things people complain about (rightly so) these days, it’s a shame because it was one of the reasons I first looked into Monzo all those years ago.


It’s unacceptable, no matter how some will try to excuse it. And to see that they’re making the experience worse despite complaints on here is just sad.

They should just remove the FAQs upfront, slap a massive Chat button to the top of the page given that the self-help now appears to be built into the flow. Have the Help page like Starling does.


Still dead easy if you’re on iOS :wink:


I remember it being ‘live chat’ and discussing options for my url choices back in the day.

That would be so difficult today :grimacing:



Even though I’ve just gone “Full Monzo” again it does put me off, not that I often need help but the odd time I did with Starling I got actual live chat help within 10 minutes.

Time to move to… err… Starling? :sweat_smile:

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I would probably go to an old school bank if i ever move away from Monzo now, something like HSBC or use my FD account.

Why not Starling? Or Ch… oh! I remember that one.

I’ve stopped recommending Monzo now because of their lack of customer service. I still haven’t had a proper response to a support request from Monzo since October last year. The complaint about it was also not replied to. Now with the financial ombudsman to literally get a support request replied to.

I think realistically I’m going to have to switch banks as having it as a main bank is too risky. It relies too much on nothing going wrong.


I do love many things about Monzo (as you probably know from my many fanboy posts over the years). And it is still the best bank for me. But my oh my, dealing with FD support lately, and now this experience with Monzo - the two banks are worlds apart.

And now FD has fee-free foreign transactions and foreign ATM withdrawals with no limits - actually makes it a slightly better travel debit card than Monzo now (not that that’s the only reason I’m with Monzo, but was a big draw).

But going from:
1 - here’s a live chat option
to 2: chat is hidden behind self-help pages (and is not live)
to 3: there’s no chat option at all (unless you know the secret magic URL that only exists on an internet chat forum)
is trash.

Just grow up, Monzo.


Chase don’t have joint accounts, so really it wouldn’t ever be an option for my main bank.

Shared tabs is the only thing really keeping my Monzo account open… there’s no other similar implementation out there. Otherwise I’d be closing it

the lack of quality support is very concerning :confused:

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The fact this isn’t the case for everyone is even weirder. Some people still have a chat button, some can search for support, it’s all very poor.


I think it all changed again in the last year, and now I’d be surprised if anyone actually has the chat button at all still on the main help page. I don’t have it anymore despite previously being one of the special ones who did. Haven’t for some time now. No longer know anyone who does have it either. After polling my group chat, we’ve all lost it now.

Just checked and seems I have zero way to open up a “live” chat. This isn’t good.

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