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I had an issue this morning where my iOS app stopped updating. I tried calling Monzo and using the chat service and was unable to get through (cuts off after five minutes) or illicit a reply. Ok I sorted it by uninstalling and reinstalling the app using advice I gleaned from this community. But that’s not the point. If I REALLY had a serious problem; to whom would I turn to get quick advice. Monzo I love you but if I were a teacher I’d say C -, must do better.:crossed_fingers:

Many other threads on this issue at the moment.

Yes I’m aware ! The silence from Monzo is deafening!

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Maybe add to those rather than starting yet another thread on this, was my point. But sure. Rant on.!

Point taken !

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Customers should be able to open their own individual threads when they can’t get in touch with monzo. What else are they supposed to do?

Sure it means there’s a lot of support threads, but that’s monzos fault not ours.

With respect to the OP there is no request for support here, it’s just a (justified) rant.

Anyway, a minor inconvenience, easily solved by muting this thread.

Sorry for ranting. :smirk:

Agree with @gmclean. If it’s just a rant, the more that are grouped together (i.e. in the same topic) the better.

When they’re spread out across various topics some will likely get missed, which weakens the argument of how poor support currently is.

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All points are noted. I’ll try to post on a more appropriate thread next time. Wrong thread but valid point .
Thanks for the replies chaps.:wave:


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