No sign of my cheque

I sent a cheque to monzo a week, paid £6+ for special delivery, tracked it and it was delivered and signed by security.

One week later, no update, no notification, nothing… I needed this money ASAP. Spoke on chat who kept passing me to different people.

What is going on

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It takes 2 to 3 weeks to see the money from a cheque in your account (up to 7 working days to reach us by post, and 4 working days to process). We’ll let you know once we’re processing your cheque. Some cheques may take longer than 4 working days to process once we receive them.

You’ve sped up the postal part but it will still take time to process.

I was told I’d get a notification at Monday latest and now it’s Tuesday. I was also told I’d have the money in my account no later than Friday but that doesn’t look likely now…

If you’re going to get cheques frequently, I’d get another bank account that allows imaging.

Starling do it, so do a lot of traditional banks.


It was just this one time from my accident pay out.

It should be in your account 4 working days after it was signed for. If it isn’t, contact support and make a complaint.


I’ve been messaging them but no one is actually doing anything about it, I’m worried sick and stressing out

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Don’t stress yourself out.

Monzo have got your cheque, you know that. The key part now is where in the journey is it.

What date was it signed for?


What are you worried about?

Worst case scenario is that it’s lost and you can just get a new one issued + even more money in the form of compensation from Monzo.


Is Monzo the only current account you hold?

A week ago

@andrew_fishy yes mate

@Ordog How? :confused:

From the link @Revels shared,

If you sent your cheque over 7 working days ago and haven’t heard anything, please chat to us.

We’ll need:

  1. The date you sent it
  2. Whether you sent it using freepost or tracked (if you have a tracking number, please share it)
  3. The amount and currency - we can only accept cheques in UK pounds (GBP).
  4. The name(s) on the cheque

We’ll look through any cheques we have on hold. If we find yours, we’ll process it and it’ll be in your account within 4 working days.

If we can’t find it, we might ask you to get in touch with the sender to get a new cheque.

Go through that process, and wait for the money to arrive.

If you aren’t happy with the way Monzo are behaving, make a complaint. As @Ordog says, you may get a few quid extra for your trouble if Monzo have done something wrong.

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That isn’t a date.

If they signed for it on 16/2, then I doubt they count that as the first working day. So you’ve got Weds, Thurs, Fri, Mon.

So you should have it now. Time to raise a complaint as @Anarchist says.


@Anarchist I’ve done all of this and provided photos of proof

Then wait. It’ll be a specialist department or member of the team chasing it up - you’ve done all you can at the moment. I know it’s a bit stressful, but no need to keep bugging Monzo. They’ll update you when they have info. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what are you’re asking. How what?

Starling for cheques.

I sent in 2 cheques and they have never been processed, money lost they were only for a couple of quid so never chased it up.

Not wanting to beat an old drum but Monzo need to get cheque imaging sorted, seems to me that they are so focused on a future without cheques they can’t see the hear and now which still has some cheques activity and will continue to do so for some time although in declining numbers.

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Personally, I’d never send a cheque to Monzo. It’s so easy with Starling to create an account, and use Cheque Imaging. Monzo won’t build Cheque Imaging for current accounts I don’t think, because they think there’s no demand there.