Cheque Deposit

Posted a cheque to Monzo on Monday. Recorded delivery and had confirmation it got there yesterday morning - but nothing from Monzo yet!

Did the same 6 months or so ago and had a lovely message from in-app chat within an hour of the cheque arriving. Money was in my account two days later. Has anyone else noticed slower cheque processing? And what happened to the imaging idea?!

I may be wrong but I thought I read somewhere that it can take up to 7 days for them to process it?

They are no longer doing it.

Sounds about average - but just a shame that it’s gone from hours to days. Expansion, eh?!

What?! Why?!

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Just reading through this. Making Monzo: Cheque Imaging

A lot of heated opinions…!

They don’t want to?

I don’t remember them giving a definitive reason other than the usual “other priorities”, but cash and cheques aren’t really a Monzo thing so personally I think they did what they wanted to do from the start and not bother with it so they don’t need to waste the time and money on what they consider an old obsolete system.

Fair dos to them they can do what they want. If you regularly get cheques use another bank basically.


I agree, and as much as I don’t want them to be, they are still a payment method at the moment.

Well yes, but not really a reason!

As far as I understand they have it on the back burner. The cheque imaging scheme takes forever to join and be approved and there’s only a couple go live dates each year to pick from. August this year wasn’t going to be possible so it’ll be next year now if it happens.

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I’d contact support and get them to double check. I received my notification on the same day it was received to confirm the credit will be applied to my account within x number of days.

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I posted a cheque to Monzo on 23rd May. Was informed they had received it on 29th May and it wasn’t cleared until today 5th June. :frowning:

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Annoying. This is still a relatively important feature if you ask me.

That’s slow for them. 6 days to receive and process!

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The “reasoning” amongst other things was that not enough users were posting cheques and so therefore didn’t see a use-case for working on cheque imaging, when they could arguably bring in a new feature that would be used by more users.

The data was skewed and so whilst a justification it is flawed, although I can see why they’ve put it on the back burner.


It was a rubbish excuse that it wasn’t the demand to make it worth focusing on, people aren’t going to be posting them if they can take them to their legacy bank instead or use the Cheque Imaging on their legacy bank app.

Annoyingly people still get cheques be it refunds/compensation from businesses, or from their nan so as they grow they can’t expect everyone to post them in.

I think out of the 2.1 million customers there must be a few people with cheques to cash that hopefully its big enough to now revisit and aim for the early 2020 as a target.

Its just embarrassing that the HSBC app can do it.

The debates were all on the other threads (and I don’t think we need to re-run the same arguments):

At the end of the day - they were the only metrics to go off - so they used them :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

If people are fullMonzo and are using another legacy bank for cheques, they can continue to do so - I don’t see the harm in Monzo not going forward with it.

I honestly don’t see them ever coming back to it - it isn’t in their interest to - I’d find it hard to see that 10,000s would jump ship completely because of it.

It isn’t that they can’t do it. It is that they don’t want to do it - it isn’t in their vision. :man_shrugging:t2:


I wasn’t saying that Monzo devs haven’t got the skills to do it, I’m saying a feature they should really have nailed in 2018 imo, has been implemented by HSBC in their crappy app. Monzo should be leading the way, not trailing behind an awful legacy dinosaur when it comes to cheque processing.

But if they don’t wan’t to do it, why should they commit dev time and resources to implementing it? They’ve seen that not enough people pay in cheques (admittedly skewed data) but there just isn’t a big enough business case for doing so.

Just because a legacy does something doesn’t mean Monzo should.


I didn’t see where they said they don’t want to do it? As far as I’m aware they want to do it, but don’t have the dev capacity to push it forward.

All I saw is that they weren’t going to meet the deadline this August, and wanted to focus on other things they prioritised like the new version of Monzo instead.

Big difference is that HSBC has always been a member of the clearing organisation

Were Monzo then this feature would probably already be there

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I’ve read between the lines in all honesty - sure they might want to do it - in which case a) why keep pushing it back (just say "we’re working on it but not sure when it’ll be ready) and b) why take it off the road map all together.

I don’t think/see it as such a big issue as whilst still relevant cheques are a dying breed.

It of course makes it quicker to implement being a member.

I’m aware it does take time to become approved, and not something they can just build and go ‘done!’. I’m saying they should have started the process years ago of joining the scheme, and it should be tested and ready to use by the public now.