🔥 Cheque Deposits + Monzo Office + Virtual Support + Sad Story - Corona Emergency 🔥

I am Monzo user #243 and have used Monzo as my primary account since December 2015.

After witnessing how Monzo has treated someone else in a dire situation, I can see clearly what Monzo was back then, and what it has slowly declined into now; and what that means in terms of Monzo vs any traditional bank.

My friend, a minimum wage sandwich shop worker who lost their job when corona hit, and hasn’t had any income since. He got a job in a bar 2 weeks ago, they yesterday paid him a cheque for £200. This money is for his rent for which he is behind on payments. His landlord has been understanding and said that if the rent is not paid by Friday, he will have to move out, it’s a PIN number entry so the door will just stop working.

Monzo’s support website indicates cheques can be posted to their address in Broadgate. He went to hand deliver the cheque today (Tuesday) in the hope it would clear by Friday. Monzo refused to accept the cheque insisting it would need to be posted (clearing it 7-14 days later).

Despite explaining the circumstances, Monzo refused to accommodate to the situation.

This is something Monzo would have done years ago, and now they’re totally inflexible, like a traditional bank. And not just inflexible, but totally unwilling to even listen. The irony, is that if my friend were a customer of a traditional bank, say NatWest, they could have paid in that cheque today with no hassle as some of their branches are still open, or use one of their ATMs to do it.

This has been a frustrating and disappointing experience. There is so little support for the lowest earners who suffer the most in these situations.


You & your friend know when you joined that Monzo do not have branches,
so its unreasonable to expect them to accept to take any sort of deposit at a privet office.


The address is listed on the support page “Paying in cheques” for accepting cheques.


For sorting out your friend, I’d suggest them to open a Starling account, if they haven’t found another solution.

They should be able to verify the account and process the cheque before Friday.


This talks about posting of cheques. Just because they provide an address doesn’t mean they expect people to just turn up.


What’s the difference between a postal worker handing over post, and an individual handing over an item of post. In emergency, what would you do? How it arrived at the office is kind of irrelevant. It’s an address. Should I get a same day courier to take it there…?


Which seems to be a bit of a problem. What if the person sent it through something other than Royal Mail like UPS or a courier for example, will they also refuse that?

It should not matter how the cheque arrives there; the shipping of it is just about getting the cheque at the proper address. Whether it’s Royal Mail, a competitor, a courier or the customer acting as their own courier, they should accept it.


OP get them to open a starling account immediately.

Use cheque imaging and the money will be available tomorrow for them.

Sorry they are in this situation, for the future I would definitely suggest another account as proven many times monzo don’t want to handle cash or cheques and this is another situation proving this.


Put it in an envelope and just drop it in the front desk, take a picture for proof of delivery as if you’re some courier and for your own records , I don’t see why they shouldn’t put it in the royal mail pile.


Found this.


That tweet is from January 2019. Also, they’ve moved since, which may have an impact on their reception arrangements.

Fair point, I can’t find anything more recent.

If only people clearly working for RM are allowed to hand over post then it should be made clear, I used to work full time for a courier and wouldn’t wear anything branded due to high value items.

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Wondering if they aren’t setup to handle cheques at the new location, as in, there is no way to offer a formal (identifiable) receipt (I’m pretty sure a scribbled post-it wouldn’t do!).

Also, I’m sorry your friend went through all of this but I don’t think Monzo are singling them out here (a good and bad thing I acknowledge).

You used to be able to hand them over at reception but this is now totally banned

Sure, the long wind of it is, a few years ago Monzo would help the customer succeeded, the flexibility and down to earth nature was the what was new about Monzo. The essence of being treated like a person as opposed to meaningless interactions with the other banks.

You can indeed normally drop off cheques to that address, however I’ve since been told this is “not operational at this time”, and their support page is not updated to reflect this. I suspect Monzo themselves are operating as a skeleton staff and perhaps the office is unmanned, which doesn’t help.

The issue, not specific to my friend, is the response from support which is essentially “post the cheque to us, eventually we’ll deal with it, here’s a Citizens Advice article on homelessness”.

I’ll loan my friend the value of the cheque, but I feel that Monzo really had the power to pull the finger out and just accept a hand delivered cheque given that my low income friend has been hit hard by these trying times. Especially since they tweet so much “how can Monzo support you during corona times”. I got involved because I want to help my friend be independent, get support, and give him hope in a situation that is quite critical.

Thanks for the recommendation with Starling (they arrived much later than Monzo but have more features…, go figure)


I do wonder if it’s about the cheque arriving in a sealed condition.

Maybe now they have a formal post room so cannot take an unenveloped cheque. (In the same way we wouldn’t be expected to take an unenveloped Monzo card) - i.e. the first post interaction isn’t Monzo staff.

Cheques are a pain anyway even if you have a branched bank. Before I moved to Monzo, there was never a branch near me that I could actually get to in it’s opening hours if I needed to. So while this is frustrating, I don’t think it’s neccesarily a bad thing that Monzo’s corporate office doesn’t have these facilities, much like if you did the same at other banks Corporate reception.


It was an enveloped cheque, addressed to Monzo as per their support article, just hand delivered. No different to any other random piece of post.


Ah good find @mts - I wondered if this was the underlying issue their side. I wonder why hand delivered is not okay, whilst via Royal Mail is fine.


Neither of these points are relevant at all.

What did your friend expect to find when he turned up at that address? Someone sat behind a counter waiting for the postman so they could do their work for that day?

Even if this negated the postal part, then what? It’s still a wait to cash a cheque.

Could someone lend him £200 and get the money back when the cheque clears?

Why aren’t you blaming the new employer for not “looking after the lowest earners”? Why are they paying him in such an out-dated way? Why couldn’t he ask them for this pay in a quicker method?

His landlord will not evict him for the sake of a few days.


It may be worth contacting Monzo to see if they will temporarily add an overdraft to the account to cover this period, they may be able to support due to Covid.

This could be for many reasons, some listed above. They may have a Royal Mail redirection in place or maybe post can only currently be accepted into the post room.