Cheque processing: a bit slow?


I was wondering whether any seasoned Monzonauts could share their experience of paying in cheques?

I posted a cheque to Monzo last Thursday afternoon (30th Aug). I’d imagined it would be collected by Royal Mail on Friday and delivered to Monzo on Monday.

Monzo’s help articles say to allow five working days after they receive a cheque for it to be paid into your account, so I was kind of expecting to see the money next Monday.

Today I had notification from Monzo saying they’d got the cheque (a nice touch, and very reassuring). But the notification also says the money might not appear until Sept 14th.

That’s a fortnight after I posted the cheque! I know cheques aren’t the fastest way to move money, but this seems slow - slower even than the 2-4-6 timescale I was expecting.

What have your experiences of paying in cheques been?


I personally have no experience but…

I get the impression it’s a very manual process within Monzo currently and they liekly use another bank or service to get them into your account.

Here are their plans to improve this though :slight_smile:


Normally it works as you were expecting - they get it the next day, acknowledge it, and then it’s five working days. However, the support guys have been snowed this week due to a huge spike in calls caused by one of the legacy pieces of UK payment infrastructure deciding to charge millions of people twice for the same transaction.


I’m afraid we had a backlog of about 300 cheques (lots of people sent us post all at once! :sweat_smile:) and these have been processed over the course of yesterday and today :+1:

Apologies for any confusion!


As I put in another thread Yesterday I’ve recently paid it in and the initial “got it” message took 2 working days and the money popping in took a further 5 working days just as advertised.

Was very happy with it - for a cheque it made it a lot less hassle than having to take it down to a branch.

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Well I guess it reassures me as I posted a cheque on the 1st and still haven’t received my “We have your cheque” message. Been told that this might not be until the 12th.

If that’s the case then it would be the 19th I would get the funds - 19 days after posting.

Previously it has been quicker but it’s still a concern.

I posted a cheque in July and was disappointed with how long it took

Pleased they’ve plans for cheque imaging but won’t be using again in its current form :+1:

Glad cheques are a thing of the past!

Think the fact they had 300 to deal with shows they aren’t a thing of the past

Might persuade them to speed up bringing in cheque imaging?

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300 in comparison to bank transfers is minute though isn’t it?

Cheques are being used less and less

Maybe I should of said they will be a thing of the past

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I read somewhere that it’s still around 4,000,000 per year used?

4mill might be a bit of a sensitive number to quote right now :rofl:


Oh dear. Have I missed something?

Actually just Googled and apparently 400,000,000 in 2017! Way more than I thought.


Under cheque imaging, cheques are actually a remarkably flexible payment instrument. There’s few other alternatives let that you issue a paper ‘token’ that the recipient can cash whenever and wherever they like at no cost.

Granted, it could be replaced by a simple QR code on a receipt or similar, but they’re not terrible under imaging.


They are slowly coming down, but the figure is only forcasted to half by 2025.

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Certianly more than I thought… maybe here to stay longer after all @Rat_au_van

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Ironically my use of cheques has gone up in the past year, from less than one per year on average to one per 2-4 weeks. With a particular organisation preferring cheques over faster payments, as the treasurer gets a notification if the cheque bounces, but there no process for any automatic notification if a faster payment hasn’t been received. I’ve just been automatically sent my second cheque book in the 14 years I’ve had the account.


Do Monzo have any cheque books? I don’t think I’ve seen them requested…

Nope. There is a thread discussing the idea from a year or more ago.


I hadn’t received any cheques for about 5 years then in the past 4 months I’ve had around 5 come through the door, all refunds or similar from utilities companies etc.

Seems they aren’t entirely dead, and to be honest it was quite a decent way of getting the money, much rather them send a cheque to my house than have to read out all my bank details over the phone, which is always a tedious process at best.

Finally got my cheque… 10 days after posting :expressionless: