I’ve made a mistake with a cheque!

Yesterday I posted a cheque in a hurry. It’s a payment from my health insurance. In that hurry, I forgot to put my account number on the back, and I forgot to take photos.

There’s no return address on the cheque. What will happen to it?

You’d be better off asking Monzo that question in the help chat. A lot of guesses from other customers may not be the most helpful experience for you! (And they may just all be wrong)


You are right, and I have done - awaiting response! I just hoped that in the estimated 9 hours I’m told it will take for a response, that someone else might be able to allay my anxiety with their own experience. This is a cheque that has taken almost 2 months to reach me, and now it has I have managed to send it on another potentially fruitless mission :woman_facepalming:t4:.

Thanks though, appreciate you responding.

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They wont bin the cheque so dont worry about that

If you let them know in app who the cheque was from and the amount then they can keep an eye out for cheques coming in that match but dont have account details on the back

Other people have said they have forgotten to write the details on and got it credited


Thank you! Will update that info in chat, and wait with fingers crossed!

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Thought I would update my post for anyone else that may need it:

Cheque posted 25th September. Monzo said they would keep an eye out for it since I had given them all the details, and they would let me know when it arrived.

Cheque arrived at some point the following week but it wasn’t until i asked on 6th October that they told me it had arrived (didn’t tell me when and I didn’t get the in-app notification of cheque receipt). They said it would take up to 4 working days to be applied to my account.

On 10th October (the 4th working day from my last message, but not necessarily the 4th working day from receipt because I don’t know when it was received) I asked again for an update. I was told it should be in my account that same day, or latest the day after (Friday).

It did not appear on the Thursday or the Friday, so I asked again and was told it would be escalated to a specialist for review. This was on Friday.

Asked again on Monday, and was told again that it would be escalated to a specialist. Still no sign of funds in account.

Today I am still waiting for both a response and my funds and now I am not getting any response from anyone. Obviously I am now impatient, and the so-called specialists are nowhere to be seen. This cheque issue with Monzo is a major drawback of the account, and it is unsustainable. Yes, initially the mistake was mine, but I posted this cheque 3 weeks ago and still nothing. If they didn’t receive it, that’s one thing, but to have received it and acknowledged that it is for my account, but to have no response or update or reason as to why the cheque is not being processed as promised, is not good enough.


Can understand your frustration. I’m not sure what the normal processing time for a cheque is so hopefully yours is dealt with ASAP.

If you are in a general in-app chat, it’s likely there are high volumes of customers being dealt with. Have you tried phoning?

Given the risk of this is non-negligible, I’m interested why you prefer processing cheque through Monzo instead of the alternatives?

What alternatives? (just curious, I don’t get cheques these days)

Any high street bank or bank that allows PO deposits. I definitely don’t trust my cheques to the postal system or my own ability to remember the things you have to do with Monzo.


Ahh ok through another account! Well, why should we, Monzo have the ‘facility’ (whether you trust it or not is moot, the OP clearly did)

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That was the jist of my question I guess? There’s clearly more options for things to go wrong so the expected loss (whether monetarily or of time/effort) is much higher. What risk it? I’m hoping to understand the downsides they are taking into account of using alternatives isntead?

I’ve had issues with cheques and Monzo so I’ve always since gone to NatWest directly.

I rarely use them so it’s not much hassle.

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Exactly. For a bank that is campaigning for people to use it as their main bank, the features should be fully useable.

On this occasion however, I had no choice but in future I will not be processing cheques through Monzo.


Also, my first experience was swift and without issues - false sense of security obviously.

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Tried phoning, apparently they are not accepting calls at the moment. Honestly this has soured my experience with Monzo.

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I paid a cheque in recently using the Freepost address.

Received a notification to say they had received it on the 8th of Oct and it was paid in on the 14th.

Pretty painless experience and happy to use again

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