Cheques processing time is unacceptable!

Cheque Processing times at Monzo used to be a lot less than 2 to 3 weeks. I’ve never used Monzo for a cheque because it’s not as quick as the other banks. How stupid am I too have just closed my Santander account with a cass to Monzo. Posted a cheque to Monzo thinking I don’t mind waiting a week, but now it’s gone missing or is that just not enough staff to do the job. Then after a little research I realise it’s probably stuck in a massive pile? 2 to 3 weeks? It doesn’t make any sense, they say it would take seven days to reach them? That’s a load of rubbish. What they really mean is we are so understaffed it will take us seven days to open your letter ! So even with seven days +4 days for processing how is that 2 to 3 weeks? Customer services as usual tried to blackmail you do to use the chat service, add all the recorded BS also telling you it would be easier to use chat! No it’s not, some people don’t like using chat so for them it’s not easier! What are you really mean guys if it’s easier for Monzo? I don’t like the chat service because you start talking to one person, you reply to that person and someone else takes over, in a couple of hours you could’ve spoke to 4 or five different people. Then when you remonstrate they say oh we’re on a shift change. That’s a load of rubbish. I have been with this bank since it was a beta. (37094) Im an investor and I’m not happy. I wish I was as rich as Elon Musk because I would buy this bank and make swift & immediate changes. I asked to be contacted by phone only to be told by some rude guy whose name begins with J That they would continue with the chat. All the arrogance. So now I have turned off notifications and I will not ever use the chat again. I’ve had enough of these 20
Somethings patronising older people because they like to do it in a way they are used to and are comfortable with. If I ask any other organisation if they would mind contacting me by phone or post or email they respect that!!! But not Monzo!! It’s London centric bank! My mother who is a pensioner, and does not do Internet banking wants to give me £8000 cash. She refuses to do any sort of transfer. Old-fashioned just wants to give me some money. She is absolutely shocked to learn I can’t deposit. Had to open a Lloyds account today. I’m going to leave Monzo dormant. I’ve had enough of this ridiculous customer service. Chase bank, First Direct, Starling, they have all left Monzo in the dark!! Enough of the condescension. I hope this bank get bought by a bigger bank, which is what I think will happen in the end. You can’t even pay them a pound to take your money? And they say all the criminals do things like this. I reminded them that the majority of people who deposit large amounts of cash are not criminals. That’s why most banks apart from Monzo take your deposit.clowns! Go full Monzo they said. As did all the people on the forums. They didn’t tell you paying more than £700 every 180 days is a no no ! and that we can’t deposit a cheque without waiting 2 to 3 weeks for the money? And you call this modern? With just about every other bank I would’ve had the money already by now . And no! I’m not desperate for the money but I would’ve rather is it quite large check to be in my chase savings account earning interest. And as I sign off a Chase advert is on the TV.

Couldn’t you have put it straight in your chase account?

No. They have just got DD’s. They don’t accept cheques at all. It’s being done though… The moral of the story is never leave yourself without a High Street bank. I’ve been doing these switches. £140 with First Direct 130 with Santander. And I’m currently without a High Street bank. As I say I opened up a Lloyds current account today.

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That was a read!

If you’ve been with Monzo so long, surely you knew most of that?

And how can you put £8k in cash into Chase?


I enjoy a bit of irony

It’s national by its very app based design

I doubt they are understaffed, please prove actual evidence though and not opinion

I can’t read the rest it’s hurting my brain trying to process the block of text.

Either way if you’re using cheques Monzo isn’t really the bank for you if you’re after a fast process


I’m not proving nothing to you. I wouldn’t waste my time.

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Here’s the help article on cheques. 10 working days and sometimes longer if they need to make additional checks.


That’s 10 working days for the cheque to reach the right department through the post, then another 4-6 days for processing.


Eh. I’d disagree. The app is available nationally but much of their approach has been centred around the typical post grad London (and other large cities) lifestyle.


Wouldn’t even go to the bank to do it?

How about taking £8k in cash to a paypoint :joy:

I do. If you’d opened a Starling account, you’d have had your money in the time it took your cheque to get to Monzo.

You need to not use Monzo for this.


On another note, did you see how Monzo beat all these banks and won awards in all sorts of categories recently for being the best? :trophy:


I wish I was in this bracket :weary:

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Not one valued at £8k! Their limit is the lower £500 one. To pay in more you still need to send it off which will have a similar time frame as Monzo.

Even with high street banks. The higher limit for imaging is £1k. Anything more you’d need to mail off or take into a branch.

You’re not a day over 20!

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I think it was the cash that was £8k. Cheque value unknown.

But from a quick look, paying in that amount of cash isn’t as simple as turning up for First Direct (£6k limit), Starling was lower and had to check with them for that amount, Chase obvs can’t pay it in yet.


🥹 flattered

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Or a Post Office… which these days will be closer for many than a bank branch.

I agree cheques take too long with Monzo. But a rant isn’t going to change that. It’s been long known that they are not the bank for cheques.


My kingdom for a line break


What’s wrong with that?! I’d take it to anywhere I could to stop it being under my mattress…

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