No longer receiving magic link emails from Monzo


Can’t login using my gmail because no longer receiving emails from Monzo.
Even tried looking on spam folder, promotions etc as suggested but still no luck.

Last email I got on monzo was on 27th Dec 2020. Now I can’t login to my account neither can i close it down. Chat support didn’t offer help much despite asking me to provide them ID card along with my selfie. Repeated automated messages by help staff.

If email resolution doesn’t solve is it possible to close down the account somehow?

Is that definitely the right email for your account?

If you can’t log in, the easiest way to close your account will be to CASS it to somewhere else.

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I’ve owned this email since 2005, so yes it is the right email account.
What is a CASS?

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Thanks, for this… but is it not possible to retrieve my account, I may have some receipts which I may want to take a snapshot of?

You’ll need to get your email working if you want to get into your account. There must be an error somewhere, gmail is usually pretty good with it’s filters and the email will be there somewhere if you’ve used the correct address.

Or go back to support and follow their steps to get your email changed to something else where you can receive login emails.

I gave you the link because you said about closing your account.

I’ve tried everything, unfortunately nothing works.
previous emails are present but not the new ones, I’ve had to reach out chat support with my other email to just chat with them as that one takes me through sign up process. Even chat support were not helpful enough despite sending them selfie with ID card several times… one agent responds then switches over to another one then he/she repeats the same message. Its an endless game.

It might be worth to switch over to different email with monzo then download all the stuff and close down the account.

That means that email doesn’t exist.

I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re using the wrong email address. This happens all the time.

None taken, but I guess you didn’t read my initial post properly.

Last email I got on monzo was on 27th Dec 2020

How bizarre.

Quite often people post because they can’t log in and when they are taken through the sign up process it’s because it doesn’t recognise that email address.

You don’t have any forwarders on your emails or anything? Not something like using gmail vs googlemail?

nope. I am now considering possibilities that I could have been hacked somehow…

As you’re finding, it’s very difficult to change your email address even when you’re you! So unlikely someone else has done it.

If you can’t log in, how are you talking to chat?

Previously, through the app using my other email, which took me through the sign in process(obviously due to not being registered with monzo with other email) but this way I was able to speak to few help staff.

Now, through email. As you can see from the screenshot above.

Was the email you used for the second account, the same one you’re trying to get them to switch it to?

Do you have a 3rd one?

Those Monzo emails are ‘marketing’ or ‘information’ emails, they are not magic link emails.
Magic Link emails are sent to a registered email address that Monzo has on file. If the Magic Link emails are not in your Junk/Spam then another email address must have been used

Click/tap on my Avatar image just above, then click on the ‘Featured Topic’ link to go through common issues regarding logging into your Monzo account.

No, I do not have a 3rd one.

Here’s what the staff replied from seeking help via direct email.

I can see we definitely still have the correct email address on file so that’s good.

This may help you out here, so please try the following:

  • request the email link again

  • log in to your email address but through the phone’s web browser - [Click here].

rotating_light Important part - remember not to let your device take you to the app version. It must be through the website.

  • check your junk/spam folder.

  • using the search box, search for ‘Monzo’ within your inbox.

Thanks for stating the obvious but It is not a common issue. I have learnt this from past few days.

Again, I have tried everything under the common issues I simply do not get a magic link to my gmail account.

To remove the confusion of another email, I had to use Hotmail email to try and get hold of support staff through app. (which took me through the sign up process) otherwise with using gmail email I can’t get hold of them to which i realised that earlier and sent them email instead.

Do you now have a active Monzo account? If so, can you log into see the emergency information at ?

Is it possible that the support staff think that your correct email address is your hotmail address?

Just spoke to help staff who managed to reset my account from monzo server side.
And guess what, email just popped up on all the devices… So it was a server side fault.

I am now able to login my monzo account using my gmail as in the past.

However I’l help you out further if it’s not showing up.

I’ve logged your account out of all sessions and changed the server that the email gets sent from.

Please give it another go and see if it helps

Hey ***,

Thanks for sorting this out.
I can confirm now I can access my account using my gmail email.
I guess it might be after you have reset this from your server side.
I am now able to access my account.

Have a good day & weekend.

Best Regards,

That’s good to hear

I’m glad this was resolved, sorry for the bother.

Have a nice weekend too!