I can't remember my email login, so monzo has essentially locked me out of my account

I emailed them, I’ve tried phoning Monzo, everything there is no one out there willing to resolve the issue, this is super frustrating!!, can anyone at all help me with this??

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I find this hard to believe. What exactly did they say?

When you say “I can’t remember my email login” do you mean that you don’t recall what email address you registered with? If so, have a search through inboxes, deleted and spam folders on your accounts for emails from Monzo. This should help you identify which address was used.

How many email addresses do you actually work your way through 🤷


Use a laptop/desktop/tablet browser & go to web.monzo.com

  1. Attempt to login using the email address you think you signed up to Monzo with
  2. If successful, you’ll get a magic link email in your email inbox (the same email address inbox you used to sign up to Monzo) - click on the magic link and the browser will show your basic Monzo account details - check to see if the account details look OK. At this stage, use this same email address to log in to the Monzo app on your phone. You’re logged in! :tada: [/LOOPSTOP]
  3. If not successful, try a different email address that you are in control of and goto step 1 - repeating this loop until you get the right email address.

When did you email?

It was out of fustration, i just didn’t know what to do or how to resolve it my self.

Again, I’m sorry I came across like that, it was out of fustration.

Out of interest, I wonder if there’s another way to provide Monzo the information they’re asking for.

There’s no way on Earth I’d provide my email address, phone number and a picture of my passport or driving license in an email. It’s just screaming risk of identity theft or other potential issues.

The last step of that screenshot says “when you log back in with your old email”, which is confusing if you’ve gone through a process to change it and may not have access to the old address.


I know right :man_facepalming:t6:

A couple :man_facepalming:t6::sweat_smile:

You haven’t answered anyones questions, told us what you’ve tried out of those suggestions or what exactly you’re struggling with.

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So i’ve sent an email to monzo about the issue and they take their sweet time to get back to me :unamused:

Right, so you don’t want anyones help then you just want to state that support is slow?


So i’ve tried re-verify my phone number, used my email login too (thinking it was the one that i was thinking off… I’m not going to disclose my email address here) still.

No, you misunderstood, I do want help and help would be essential for me.

What about all things people have suggested on here? What have you tried and what were the results?

There’s no password or limit to remember, so all you have to do is input the email addresses you have/had and see which one gets a magic link.

If you can’t login to those email accounts or remember them, then I don’t really see how that is Monzos fault.