Locked out of my a/c for the last 8 days!

Dear Monzo,
My partner has been unable to access her Monzo A/C for the last 8 days! :flushed::flushed:

She’s tried everything possible, included in the help topics. She had an email from Jackson last Wednesday, (today is Saturday) who suggested she call. She’s tried that for the last two days and has given up after waiting for a reply for 40 mins or more.

She’s logged out and back in, but never received the magic link email. Yes, she has looked for a Monzo email in her Junk folder.

As one of the original account holders before Monzo went mega, it was refreshing to finally have a bank that didn’t behave like a traditional bank. But oh, how the worm has turned.

Frankly this needs fixing. Unless your corporate aim is to become just another bank.

Both of us are incensed. No one likes to be taken for a fool and we both feel hugely disappointed by Monzo’a apparent lack of interest in supporting its customers. Which was one of the key reasons we both opened Monzo accounts.

It will be interesting to find out if even this post in the community, not only elicits a response, but some action that allows my partner to access her money.

Richard Laurence

I’m sorry you’ve experienced this. Perhaps one of these threads may include something you haven’t yet tried, while you continue to try and get in touch with Monzo:


When you say she can’t use her account, do you mean she can’t login?

What happens when she tries to

Has she added it to her safe list?

Hi Sam87
Thank you for the link. Many of the complaints about being locked out are similar, but there’s no substantive answer to why there’s an apparent lack of contact from Monzo. When all the “solutions” have been exhausted we’re still left in an “Alice through the looking glass” revolving door…
Even the ‘ol number on the back of the card trick takes you on a magical mystery tour of options and then has no, “for any other question please hold for a human.”
And frankly, this is below par customer service for any of the robber banks let alone the much vaunted “challenger.”

But thanks for your reply.

Thanks don_q

She’s using the Mac Mail client so can access all of her folders and do a global search for Monzo emails. As she has requested a “magic link” email twice a day for the last 8 or so days, the charade that anything is supposed to happens is starting to wear a bit thin.

And yes, her email is correct. It hasn’t changed since she opened her Monzo account and the lack of contact from anyone at Monzo is merely confirming the impression that they couldn’t care less.

Hard to earn a good reputation. Really, really easy to lose it. Well done Monzo, I won’t be recommending you any more.

From a previously heavily invested evangelist account holder since before the name was changed from Mondo to Monzo… and current Monzo Plus a/c holder.

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Two things:

She needs to make sure that monzomail.com is in her safe senders list. I’m assuming Mac Mail is just accessing her mail from another service so she’ll need to log directly into Hotmail, Gmail etc. to do that.

If that’s not the problem then she’ll need to ask Monzo to change the email address linked to her account. I had a similar problem a while back where magic link emails simply weren’t arriving to my personal domain’s mail server. As soon as I switched the address to a standard off the shelf service it worked immediately. We never got to the bottom of why this was the case, but I’m at least satisfied I have a working solution.

You can reach Monzo by email or through social media to get this resolved.


Do the above and make sure she adds it to her safe sender list, I have seen that solve it for a lot

I do hope it gets solved

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Does her card work?

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Hi there Anarchist. Thanks for asking. Yes her card IS working! Just no app access and no response from Monzo…

Hi there RichardL,

Thanks for your reply. Her email is an iCloud address, not Hotmail or gmail, etc. And she doesn’t have a safe senders list as such.

However, we have had a response from Monzo, which suggested we check the email’s Junk folder in a web browser. Apparently, for some reason, Monzo E-Mails don’t always turn up in smartphone email clients.

So we tried to access my partner’s email account via a Webmail browser, but iCloud doesn’t allow access to her webmail account via iPhones.

So next we accessed her Webmail account via a handy iPad we had laying around. Lo and behold, a veritable multitude of mails from Monzo, none of which we could use, because we’re using a remote iPad and not her iPhone with the Monzo app on it.

The suggestion that my partner should supply a different email to Monzo is absurd. Why would she want to generate a separate email account for the convenience of an online bank? That’s not the way it works.

In the meantime, our NatWest and Firstdirect apps and accounts are working faultlessly.

So, after all that, Monzo have been sending the login emails, and it’s icloud who are at fault for their bizarre junk process.

I take it you have now added the monzomail.com domain onto the safe list and your wife is happily using Monzo again now?


There will be a junk mail folder in the iPhone and or the iPad and or iCloud.com.

Move the emails out of junk and into the inbox. This will flag future emails as not junk.


So after complaining about Monzo and making a song and dance about it, they’ve been doing exactly as they should and it’s your end that’s the issue.


Done exactly as they should except for suggesting a resolution to the issue in a timely manner.


It’s not absurd.

At that point you hadn’t made it clear whether she was using her own mail server or iCloud. If she was using her own server then 9 times out of 10 she would have needed an existing email account to register the domain in the first place, in which case she would have had another address she could use. That was the solution being offered there, not setting up an entirely new account.

If her mail provider was at fault (which it was) and they weren’t able to provide you with a fix, then using another email address would have been the solution to the problem to regain access to the account.

Anyway I’m glad she’s been able to work out what’s wrong, and that’s all I have to add to this topic.

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Some detail about how iCloud email filtering works, and why it can be so tricky to find the junk.

Suggesting that a user having problems try using a different email address isn’t absurd when the problem is being caused by aggressive filtering by an email provider, as this is an issue out of Monzo’s control.

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Agree. The issue here isn’t really the email was being filtered by customer’s mail server or client (that was always the likely problem), it’s that Monzo weren’t able to provide timely customer support to advise the customer


I wouldn’t put this down the email account itself, I have had emails that have been “stuck” in junk mail only visible on web browsers using my own personal domain email address, that was while using both Office Outlook and iPhone built in mail client.


Well in theory. Having tried to contact Monzo for a week without success and having to revert to a web community to find answers isn’t what I’d expect from a “challenger” bank.

And why my partner should have an intimate knowledge of how the email system works in relation to Monzo mails as opposed to other junk mails, is also a bit of a conundrum.

What is certain is that my partner isn’t at fault in anyway. As Monzo are the service supplier, perhaps it’s actually their responsibility to ensure their customers are being served!