No live chat

Hi there is no live chat option my app how do I fix this?

I had this two days ago. If you search ‘contact us’ and then choose the ‘Contacting support’ result. In that article there is a link to ‘chat with us in app’ Tap it and the chat window opens.

By no means an ideal journey at all, but if you do need to start a chat to get help that should get you there.

Monzo want to encourage users to search the help articles first instead of bypassing it all and going straight to chat.

Sometimes they’re really useful and you can actually answer or solve problems yourself much quicker. However if nothing turns up of use when searching there is a ‘I can’t find what I’m looking for’ link that should allow you to chat to someone :slight_smile:

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Not always. I think you can easily arrive at a point where its not clear how to contact support.

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There should be now and if not :soon:.

They’ve decided that this is the way forward and the experiment is over :slight_smile:

You mean there will be a chat link at the end of every help article or there will be a chat link at the bottom of every search screen?

Neither those would be ideal (from customer experience perspective) but would be better than current situation.

Both. So in the below screenshot if I search jibberish you’ll see the ‘can’t find what I’m looking for’ link which opens chat.

The same link is at the bottom of help articles too.

Here is an article too.


I don’t get that currently, so hopefully soon.

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Looks like an Android only feature to me currently

I have it, on Android

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“I CAN’T FIND WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR” not there for me, on :android:


A/B testing. Am I A or B…

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God knows then :sweat_smile: I heard that we were over with all the testing of the chat button.

Perhaps we’re within a test, that’s within a test, that’s within a test, with parity issues sprinkled ontop :exploding_head: :laughing:

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I’ll wait until this week’s Testflight until I ring the Parity bell :rofl:


Just saying… I get it on latest iOS testflight.

It’s not an A/B test, it’s a phased rollout now. I’ll try and find the proof and will edit it in…


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Thanks for that. I did read that at the time but completely forgot about it.

I thought that was specifically the Fraud process, and not related to the “I can’t find what I’m looking for” option?

Yh it was Roma was talking specifically about the changes to fraud reporting. Nothing to do with this

This is a real nuisance… I can understand ‘nudging’ people to self-help first, but for things that don’t fit in the pigeon holes it has made in much harder to access the chat. I’ve just tried and none of my searches for ‘chat’ seemed to trigger anything. In the end it was ‘contact’ that did … Really not happy that I had to come search the forum for the magic password to gain access to support!

Rant over :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback Steve - if you’re happy to tell us, what was the issue you had that made you need to get in touch with the team?