Monzo chat button

Has anyone noticed that the chat button no longer exists on the help tab?

I have an android phone and the chat feature is gone!

Is this a glitch?

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Hey There

At the top type in “Contacting Support” or the relevant issue you’re having. We removed the chat feature being displayed first as the majority of queries can be solved via our help articles.

Those that cant can use the chat feature by following the above steps. :slight_smile:

It’s not gone, it’s not a glitch. They just make the button less findable for some people.


It’s been a thing for ages. I wonder what the criteria for hiding the button is

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I see the point but it can get confusing for users.

Imagine trying to explain to my partner’s grandmother how she can speak to Monzo (yes she only banks with Monzo now)… she is not exactly the tech friendly type as it is.


They would go to “help” as shown in your screenshot.


Well no. You need to search for what your problem is as it might be resolved without human intervention which is the idea of a help section.

Have you searched your issue?

I see the reasoning behind it but I still think that there should be a chat button there.

I have no particular query, just my observation :blush:.


Most websites if you wanted to speak to someone you’d have to go to the contact us section, to find details of how to contact them, Monzo is no different to that.

Note - not all websites you’d have to do this, just a generalisation.

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It has been a while since we’ve had this debate :sweat_smile:


This is what always gets me the most about this discussion. It’s how almost every website (that has a way to contact them) works but for some reason people REALLY hate it with Monzo?

I do get that some people might not think to search “contact” or “chat” or “help”, or to click “something wrong? Get help” if it relates to a particular transaction, and so could be lost by not having it show all the time without searching. But I don’t think those are the vast majority of Monzo’s users; considering it’s a mobile only bank most people probably use search features several times a day and are trained into it. Monzo should make things as accessible as possible for sure but this doesn’t strike me as particularly inaccessible (more clicks for screen reader users is the only real thing I think of).


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