No more app chat help?!

Is the real-time help feature in the Monzo app no longer available?!

Go to help, search ‘contact’

I wouldn’t necessarily expect real time chat though.

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Oh it’s been made harder to find then? It’s not exactly real time, but it’s nice to be able to talk to someone in the know quickly and easily when you need to.

Thanks for directing me to it’s new location

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As some one said, just type in corona virus in and will take u live chat

if you go to help and go to the bottom of the page you will see ‘chat with us’ where you can start the chat

That’s not true anymore.

Monzo want you to search the help articles first as people were flooding them with basic questions.


Chat is still there buddy…its back

it’s actually there on mine when i go to help them to the bottom of that page i can go straight to chat with us no need to search in articles, i’m on the testflight app so maybe that’s why i have that option

I never had the chat feature since they took it off, but since 2 weeks it’s come back up

It’s not showing on mine

We can’t all see the same options in-app, which makes threads like these…somewhat irritating.


A small few do but it will be removed eventually.

Mine was gone completely, but appeared back last month.

Mine did the same, popped back up a couple of weeks ago.

Still seems there are different “levels” of chat accessibility floating around though.

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I asked this a while back and it seems to be gone for good now. No more chat feature?

For an online only bank not to give instant support is ridiculous and it almost makes me want to switch!


You may remember from your other thread on this, that you asked, that it was answered then. The answe hasn’t changed:

Have a good day.


Why do you keep remaking threads you’ve already had the answer to?


It has changed. It’s no longer there.

Because the answer has changed!

Chat is still there. It’s tougher to find, to encourage people to self-help, but exactly the same as last time, search “contact” and you will find it.

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