New Terms and Conditions (v1.8)

Right, so I’ve just received an email informing me that Monzo are changing their T&C and fee schedule.

Some thoughts:

  1. I appreciate some of these changes are not coming in for two months but was surprised to see others effective immediately (today).

  2. I am disappointed Monzo didn’t take this opportunity to update its overdraft fees in the new fee sheet. It still quotes 50p/day which will no longer be allowed once the new rules come into effect.

  3. The email says that the attached document (to the email) shows how the T&C have changed. Mine only seems to show the new version and not a comparison of the changes (unless my phone is playing up).

I’m not saying the changes are necessarily detrimental to customers but the document does have the word compare in its title.

  1. The email includes the standard text at the end allowing customers to unsubscribe from such emails. If customers do this, how would Monzo inform then of changes to the T&C or other notifications they legally have to?

  2. I see the T&C say customers can’t claim back money they have lost if “you gave us incorrect instructions or we can prove the bank we sent your money to received it”

Is this in keeping with the spirit of the ‘Authorised Push Payment Scam Code’ which I understand Monzo had joined/is in the process of doing so?

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Could Monzo possibly offer a free non expedited card delivery for when persons are abroad for longer periods of time?

We’ll charge a fee for replacing cards which have been lost, stolen or misused. This fee covers both the cost of replacing and delivering the card. This doesn’t apply to circumstances where Monzo is responsible. We’ll take the fee from your Monzo account as soon as you order the card"

What is a misused card? When would Monzo be responsible? Would it be fraud or a faulty card?

I just received this email and immediately thought it was not a very good way of communicating with customers. It goes against all common sense to open an attachment or click on links in an unsolicited email from your bank.

I immediately deleted the email without reading, then checked the app to see if any notifications were posted regarding the updated conditions. There was no notification, but I found the conditions buried in the app.

A far better way would be to push an in app notification. If email really is required, then don’t attach files or put links in it. Just tell the user to check the new conditions in the app.


Charging a customer £30 to replace a card while abroad is the least customer friendly thing I have ever read.


Might want to go tell Starling, given they were charging £60 last I heard


Worth reposting this:


Still are although wording is we will Vs we may.

Replacement debit cards: we will not charge you a fee for a replacement card if your card is lost or stolen while you are in
the UK. If you lose your card or it is stolen while you are overseas, we may charge you a fee of £60.

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Bit much that. Costs are costs


Take both Monzo and Starling with you. If you lose one wait until back in the UK. :man_shrugging:

Starling is far better if plan on using ATMs none of that £200 30 day rolling nonsense, you could withdraw £9,000 fee free in the same time with them.

You can withdraw up to £200 from ATMs abroad in any rolling 30-day period without any fees. After that, we charge 3% of the total amount you withdraw above £200.

Has your “brick and mortar” bank ever made such a charge?

Being stranded in a foreign country with no card, to then be charged £30 for an emergency replacement is borderline theft.

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I got charged four quid by my brick and mortar bank for buying some tickets online in Euros this very year. That’s far more of a rip off


not sure too many bricks and mortar banks offer the service of sending it abroad at any cost :slight_smile:


That’s out of order.

For one thing, my brick-and-mortar bank wouldn’t dream of sending me a replacement card while I was on holiday, I would’ve thought. ETA: I’ve spent longer than I wanted to poring through terms and conditions documents for legacy banks and I can’t find any mention of replacing cards abroad, let alone what charges they may charge.

If you’re ‘stranded’ because you only had one card, to me that’s more your own poor planning leaving you in the lurch. I always have carry one Visa and one Mastercard with me, to make sure I have options.

And besides, people can’t be that stranded if they’re moving to another hotel or city after requesting a replacement, causing it not to be delivered, and then requesting another replacement. Those costs add up a heck of a lot, it’s unreasonable to expect Monzo to swallow them.


you should have no problem getting your bank to send one out gratis to you then :slight_smile:

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Every bank I have had offers this…

The most I was charged was $15 if sent by FedEx/UPS

Many of the big legacy banks will send cards overseas for free. They will also send you emergency cash without the 5% fee that Monzo charge.

Ironically, my original post wasn’t on this but the broader issue of the way the T&C changes have been communicated.

I understand why Monzo have introduced the charge even though I would probably have been tempted to refuse to send replacement cards overseas unless that’s the cardholders permanent residence.

In the thread @Simonb linked to it explain some these are sent by courier which explains the cost - even though they are paying will over the odds to their suppliers for the service.

New banks unsurprisingly don’t have the money older banks do to give out free stuff all the time. New banks understandably may have to charge for more things.

Is it great, no. But if it’s not for you then your able to go to one of the larger profit making banks who can’t send cards for free.


yes, we have been through this before on the forum - I linked to Barclays who dont seem to offer this service , some do, some dont

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To be fair, I never knew you could get a card shipped abroad. Not sure why it costs Monzo £30 to send a small letter though, seems a bit extreme.

Worst case scenario if you’re not willing to pay is that you just setup Monzo with Apple Pay/Google Pay, order a replacement card for free to your domestic UK address (freezing your lost card) and live with contactless until you get back home. Could be worse I suppose.


You could always send it to a UK location and ask someone to post for you to whether you might be in the World. It might cost like £20 next day depending how remote you are, might be more than £30 if really in nowhere.

Or take a backup card that you don’t carry together so if wallet is nicked you have it elsewhere like a lanyard or on someone else you may be traveling with.

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