Current Account Terms and Conditions

Having applied to move to the current account I’ve been trying to finds the latest Terms and Conditions on the web. I know I read them on the app, but I need to be able to re-read them on a bigger screen at leisure.

I found old t&cs but not the new ones. Are they anywhere to be found, along with the up to date privacy policy?

Hey @christ - we’re working on updating the website with the new T’s and C’s and they should be available to view online within the next few days :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is this the second coming?


I was expecting something a little more spectacular than a request for terms and conditions

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Not sure if these were the ones you were looking for @christ but are listed on the Number of Monzo current accounts page so must apply to the Current Account. They could be out of date, however as I’ve not seen the in-app one since early August. A Monzo employee may need to confirm them if in doubt.

Separately, the Monzo Card Terms and
Conditions of Use
which applies to the prepaid card.

Well I guess it is the 2nd coming of the Monzo card!

Quite why I got that user name I’m not sure - it wasn’t deliberate. I think I mistyped it. :slight_smile:

That current account one is very far from complete. What I (briefly) read on the mobile app said a lot more.

That document is the entirety of the current account terms - they are very concise and to the point. You may have seen the prepaid card terms, which are much much longer.

From what I recall of what I saw when applying on my mobile I thought there was more. I may, of course, be wrong, but Naji Esiri from Monzo said above that they were still working on it.

A blog post on T&Cs published today;


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