Overdraft Review

Had a notification in-app and by email to review my overdraft, blah blah, you could be able to have a higher limit to £2,000. Popped over to have a look, yep I can have that amount authorised if I so wished.

I’ve not changed the amount from what I’ve got as tbf, I don’t go into my overdraft in the 1st place.

The only thing that annoyed me it’s it’s still on that stupid 39% apr, yes it doesn’t matter as I don’t use it. However you’d think after a couple of years, of using Monzo, pretty much having an overdraft from the start, a loan which is paid back on time every month, and now flex. That somehow Monzo would be clever enough, to not just use credit reference data, but also my history with them, to say actually that higher % let’s drop it down to a different level.

Anyways rant over :joy:


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