New phone and can’t use any features in app

Help! I’ve recently got a new phone. I set everything up and my card and Apple Pay are working fine but in the app I can’t do anything. I can’t use payment links, do bank transfers or order my new card. I just get an error message. I did get a pop up at one point to verify my account and record a video but wasn’t in a position to do so and now it’s disappeared. I assume that’s the problem but the pop up has been replaced by the order new card pop up and I can’t do that because it errors. Any help to rectify this issue would be greatly appreciated otherwise it renders my account pretty useless!

Hi Gemma & welcome :wave:

Did you restore an iCloud backup to your new phone? If so, uninstall the Monzo app, restart the phone, download & reinstall the Monzo app - then login.

More details here (the 4th section):


Thankyou. Reinstalling the app resolved the issue.


Thanks for the feedback - good to know you’re able to use the :monzo: service again!