I can't use Monzo on new iPhone


I have a Monzo account and app for a few weeks now. Today I got a new phone and set it up restoring it from a iCloud backup. Monzo app appeared on my new phone but when I try to open it, I’m getting notification that my account balance cannot be updated and when I go to the account section, I receive alert: “User authentication required”.

I can’t see account details, I can’t access Monzo help. I was trying to get in touch with Monzo via chat but message hasn’t been sent. I’ve called customer service number but received information that lines are busy. I sent email but haven’t received reply yet.

Could you please let me know what to do to be able to use Monzo app on my new iPhone?

Thank you!

Delete and reinstall the app and see if that works?

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Hi! This part is the problem. Restoring from iCloud backups breaks our device authentication.

Please uninstall and reinstall the app to fix it :grinning: