Problems after switching to new iphone

Data Passover from old phone didn’t go cleanly due to issues with old phone

Have set up Dave if and done the video ok
Can access account and view transactions
If I try and view cab or card details it says it can’t access the PIN

Also cannot add cards to wallet

Just says can’t do it at this time. Have removed cards from old phones wallet and logged out of app.
iOS 15.5
iPhone 13 pro (old was 8s)
Can’t see how to view app version


Have you confirmed your identity in the task there at the top of your transaction list? This needs to be completed before you’re able to have full access again.

Shouldn’t be too long before your identity task is completed, generally within 10 minutes but could be longer.

Hi @Pskiv & welcome :wave:

Check out the exclamation mark comment in this thread:

The :monzo: app isn’t keen on working if it has been restored from a backup. You have to uninstal, restart the device and reinstall for it to work properly.

I had done that. For some strange reason it just decided to start working without doing anything. Now sorted it but do not know why.

Moving from old to new phone not completely stress free! Now I have this one I doubt I will be doing it for quite some time thankfully!

Thanks for help anyway.

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I wonder why the app allows the backup and restore operation if it won’t accept it. Most of the banking apps are similar in this regard but when they detect that the app is restored it just resets the app fresh.

It does accept it. I’ve changed my phone at least twice since I started using Monzo, and have never had to delete and redownload the app.

It just doesn’t always work, for some people.