Can’t add card in Apple Pay

Hi all, I’ve just got a new mobile and transferred all my apps across but I can’t add my Monzo card into Apple Pay, I got the verification code but it still won’t add in. Any ideas

You removed from old device?

Whichever why you’re trying, try the other way

Tried both via Monzo app and via Apple wallet on phone, neither working

Yes it was removed from old device

Sounds like you restored a backup from iCloud.

I’ve just gone through (minor) hell with the same issue on a Pixel 8 and Google Wallet with Monzo cards - after choosing to transfer stuff across from the old phone rather than starting from scratch. 24 hours later (following a 40 minute chat with Monzo and a 1 hour 30 min (:scream:) chat with the Google Pay team which proved totally wasted) - I did a factory reset and started from scratch. Lo and behold - no issue adding Monzo cards to GWallet.

So if you transfer data (either from an existing phone or from an iCloud backup) - you’re likely to hit issues. My recommendation - start from scratch after a factory reset and add things manually.

There’s a few pointers here too:

I guess deleting the Monzo app from the old phone, then backing up and using that back up for the new phone might work.

That’s a good idea.

Although you may have to consider you’d have to do the same with Apple Pay too - and I’m not sure how easy it would be to exclude Apple Pay from a backup. It certainly helped to screw my attempts at getting Monzo cards into Google Wallet because some corrupt data, somewhere, was dragged across into Google Wallet from the other phone. That forced a factory reset and a start from scratch.

Seamless transfers between devices with today’s focus on data security? Never as easy as anticipated.

I suppose removing the card from Apple Pay before the backup (I don’t know whether or not deleting the Monzo app removes the card) might be necessary.

Impossible I think.

I’ve never had an issue with this when using Quick Start with a new iPhone.