New phone advice

As long as you’re happy with your decision, that’s all that matters! Enjoy your new phone! :grin:

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Thanks :v:t4:

Is it the case I can back up my SE’s apps to iTunes and then restore them to my new iPhone so I don’t have to re install them all

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You can, but you can also use iCloud backups to achieve the same thing albeit more seamlessly and with less hassle than doing it via iTunes.

Take a look here for backing up and here for restoring from a backup


That’s great thank you
I’ve backed up to iCloud now. Might just start a fresh and install them manually instead though is more fun that way

I’m sure there’ll be a whole bunch of us here to help you mop up the mess ! :grinning:


One advantage of restoring from an iCloud back up is that you can use your phone much quicker. Restoring from iTunes means you have to wait until all the apps, photos and music is restored before you can use the phone.

This was true about 4 years ago for iTunes back ups.

You certainly could do this. You might need to sign into all the various services again.


I’m quite a light user and have a handful of apps so no problem :v:t4:

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Got my 7 all set up. Well happy with it :+1:t4:


New iPhone SE announced with UK pricing from £419

Apple now seem to be selling iPhone 8 from £334 EDIT: Apple have now stopped selling the iPhone 8. Will be interesting to see if it stays on sale elsewhere and how others start pricing it.


Just been on apples site and compared the 7 and 8. Other than the 8 having a newer processor it’s specs are identical ?

Also it says the 7 is waterproof, is that true ? Not going to test it obviously but it’s nice to know if it’s raining I don’t have to worry

iPhone 7 is water resistant, not water proof. With that said I never had any issues rinsing mine with water infused with hypochlorous acid. iPhone 8 has better battery life, and a better camera too. The better internals mean that phone’s life cycle would be at least a year longer than an iPhone 7.

I know the new SE is out of your budget, but that’s exceptional value at £419 and would last many years longer than either phone with bi-annual battery servicing.


It’s IP67 rated, which means it can be submerged in 1m of water for at least 30mins.

You’ll be fine in the rain.

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*water - resistance. Please don’t go dunking it in water :grimacing:

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Not going to subject it to water lols :joy:

Surely if water gets up the charging port or the speaker it will be damaged ?

I agree. Wasn’t expecting the same processor as in iPhone 11. Every phone I’ve bought for the last 6 or 7 years has been a refurb but I think I’ll be buying this one new.

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I thought the camera was identical but the video recording on the 8 can shoot at higher FPS ?

Providing I get a years worth of support ( new iOS updates )from Apple for my 7, I’m happy :blush:

Looked around at the 8 and it still seems to be same price at £480

Yes, the main camera improvement came in the form of better quality video recording, and much more accurate AR. Photos will be identical. The biggest difference will be the chip inside the phones, which would mean the iPhone 8 would last you longer than an iPhone 7, which you can now get for roughly the same price as your 7, if you’re inclined to return it for an iPhone 8.

You bought from John Lewis. They have excellent support, and will likely just exchange it if for the 8 if you ask them to. Given your limited budget, you really should be looking to get the most out of your device, beyond just lasting a year. Spending more now for a better phone, will save you more in the longer run, except in the case of the 8, it will cost you very little more than what you’ve already paid.

As ever, my recommendation to anyone looking for a new iPhone on a limited budget will now be to get the iPhone SE. 2021 2020 (got a little ahead of myself there) internals in a 2017 enclosure is insane value, and undercuts a lot of the more budget friendly android rivals. That phone will easily last 4 years or more, so long as you get the battery serviced after the first 2 years.

If you’re happy with your iPhone 7 though, then by all means keep it. It’s a great phone, and the new iPhone SE or lower priced iPhone 8 doesn’t change that fact. It just means there are more options available to you now. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, still £480 for the 8 at John Lewis and at

I only keep my phones for one year and i don’t shoot videos so will stick with the 7

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Well if John Lewis re price the 8 to the same price I’ll consider it.
On the receipt it says you can return it within 35 days ? But surely people would be buying phones then returning them all the time ?

Would be a pain returning it due to post office being close

Happy with my 7 regardless

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