Phone recommendations?

Hi all, lots of fellow nerds here so maybe I’ll get some good advice. My phone died tonight (Nextbit Robin), and I need a replacement fairly quickly.

Must haves:

  • Android Oreo or a quick path to it
  • Under £350
  • FHD IPS or better screen
  • NFC
  • Fingerprint
  • LTE Bands 1,2,3,4,7,20


  • LTE Bands 5,8,12,28
  • Pink!!!

Ideas much appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

iPhone 8? :joy:


Has a clear path to Android Oreo? Under £350?

Lack of Apple Pay support for Monzo is a hard deal-breaker in any case :slight_smile:

New might be a bit hard at those specs.

Second hand nexus 6p? Still a great phone & has Oreo already.


Possibly… hmm. The Robin was £125, LOL. Tho, it came back to live after many reset attempts… I’m not totally trusting it so I’ll leave this open, I may need a new phone soon.

I’m currently using an HTC U11 myself, which I’m quite fond of but it rather blows your budget.

Looking at what my friends use, Huawei is a name which pops up a few times from the sub-£350 range. The Mate 10 and P9 models might be worth investigating to see if either of those may suit.

Second @HoldenCarver, the Honor 9 (Huawei offshoot) might be an option
Oreo is in beta?
LTE band 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 38, 40, 41 (type dependent) gsmarena

I have the Honor 7, and after a bit of tweaking of the EMUI, it’s fairly decent for the price. A bit slippy though, and apparently the 9 is worse for this…

I’d advise against it. I had the 6P for 21 months, and even as a diehard Google/Nexus fan, I can’t recommend it, especially not now. The Snapdragon 810 had to be heavily throttled due to overheating issues, and the vast majority of 6P’s also suffered battery issues meaning the phone would experience early shutdown. I had to have my battery completely replaced after 11 months of ownership, and not long before I sold it (10 months later) it had begun to exhibit early signs of the same issue again.

If @GalaxyMergirl is going to go down the route of getting a used Google device, a first generation Pixel would be a much better bet. They go on eBay for between £250 to £350 at the moment, by the looks of it.

My personal recommendation would be either to spend an extra £50 and get the LG G6 which is currently available at Carphone Warehouse for £399, and is still LG’s flagship device, or get the Moto X4 which is currently £250 at Carphone Warehouse and is a very capable device for the price, which Moto have already committed to updating to Oreo soon.


Can confirm. Device was 5 days out of warranty and Google wouldn’t do bugger all. That really annoyed me as it was’t great customer service from my perspective although I will be solving the issue by replacing the battery myself.

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That is a quality answer, and one I have never got from HSBC. :wink:

Fairphone! :slight_smile: it’s the only phone I know of that supports strong sustainability in environmental and social terms.
Mine is running Lineage at the moment and I got it for the ethical considerations. It’s also modular, so you can replace the battery very easily, as well as screen and camera if need be.

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Thanks, everyone. After about a half hour I got my phone to boot… it was odd. I wiped it, re-installed the latest LineageOS, everything. So far it’s working and appears stable… touch wood. But I don’t trust it anymore, this was a problem much lower-level than the OS, given the bootloader wouldn’t even show.

To let everyone know, I ended up getting a Pixel 2 for £499 at Curry’s (probably the most miserable shopping experience there is, but that price…).

Blew the budget, but I was also looking at getting a sub-£200 compact camera. This is both :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who replied!


That’s a good deal… £150 cheaper than the play store! If they’d been available for that when I was buying I’d have had one.

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£130, but still :slight_smile: Definitely!

I must give credit to the salesperson, I had to give up way too much personal info for him to sell me one, it was nuts, and I was given a gendered title AND they record their perception of binary gender in their system. But all the sales pitches were… tolerable. No, I don’t want insurance or anything else you offer, etc and he clicked through it without crying (I’ve had that happen at Curry’s before) or begging (had that happen too) or refusing to sell unless I accepted it (same).


Fantastic news! I have the P2XL and it’s the best Android experience out there, bar none. Insanely smooth, direct updates from Google, beautiful design and the best camera of any mobile device out there. Google knocked it out of the park.

Pro Tip - enable Developer settings and then enable Camera HAL HDR+ to enable Pixel Visual Core :slight_smile: This activates the separate image processing chip that Google put in the Pixel 2 and 2 XL.


I didn’t know there was one?
There used to be issues on the Nexus 6 (Motorola) that when HDR was enabled, it would take a significant time to process - such that you would be waiting 10 seconds between photos!

Yep…look up on Google for Pixel Visual Core. It’s a separate custom image processing chip inside the Pixel 2 and XL that wasn’t even activated at launch, but got activated at the release of 8.1.

Crazy thing is, Pixel 2 beat out all competition on dxomark for the highest rated phone camera even before Visual Core was activated!

Third party apps can also hook into it via the Camera2 API. One app that’s already doing this is Instagram. Pictures taken through the Instagram app on the Pixel 2 now benefit from all of Google’s insane machine learning for image processing as well as the visual core chip. They process lightning fast and look amazing!


I really want a Pixel 2 XL, but I’m just worried it isn’t much of an upgrade from an S8.

That camera tho.

#Oppo K1 mobile price wise very low as your expect and spcifcation wise very good Android 8.0 Oreo ,6.4" Screen 1080 x 234 pixels,Back: 16.0 MP, Front: 25.0 MP,4/6GB RAM.