New iPhone Thoughts and Opinions

(Jonathan) #1

Today Apple launched the 8 and the £999 iPhone X, what are your thoughts? And would you get one?

The good thing for me is it has Qi wireless charging so I can dig out my ikea wireless charger :slight_smile:

More info at

Info about the Ikea wireless Qi Charger at

Community Digest 15/09/17

The X looks great but the price tag is just ouch!

(Jonathan) #3

From then naked eye and without looking at the specs, it just looks like an iPhone 8 with an extended screen and like the Galaxy S8

£999 is rather excessive and it seems that’s what their shareholders want :confused:

(Hugh) #4

My thoughts:

(Drew sanders) #5

I think £999 is a little much, but our phones really are small computers. I don’t really use it for calls that much.
If they can develop a robust battery that will last 2 years I will definitely have one. My current 6s is charged twice a day as the battery just drains.
I will see what my current provider EE offers in next few months.

(Jonathan) #6

It is too much I think, to be honest I am rather surprised when the Samsung Note 8 can be docked into something called DeX which when connected to a monitor, mouse and keyboard becomes a portable computer on the go. I will give Samsung a miss this time as I’m interested to see if they will further improve DeX first ( and scroll to 2:30)

I think I’ll join the iPhone upgrade programme, it’ll be interesting to see how much the X will be compared to the 8 and 8 plus. If the iPhone 8 is £38 a month then the X could be like £65 a month

(actual prices in screenshots below!)

(Colin Robinson) #7

I think at that price they should throw in EarBuds, the store page seems to imply they’re still tethered?

(Nick) #8

I assume that both the pre-paid and CA Monzo app will function OK with iOS11?

(Jonathan) #9

I’d imagine so and would assume they would have had the dev kit for iOS 11 for a while in preparation for the impending iOS launch

(Rika Raybould) #10

Lightning EarPods come in the box, AirPods are an extra purchase.

Widget is broken on the prepaid app but otherwise, it’s been working fine for me. :+1:

(Max Walker) #11

I’ve had the beta for a while, not had a problem so far :slight_smile:

(Herp Derp) #12

I will buy the iPhone X, the Apple TV 4 and Watch Series 3 with 4G but when it’s on Three.

Also want that new multi charge mat too

Was gonna buy the 8 but will wait.

(Jonathan) #13

You’d have thought that spending £999 on a iPhone should get you some AirPods/Braun toothbrush heads at least, it would help them get more sales me thinks :slight_smile:

(Rob) #14

I’m sorry, how much?!
And yet so many will buy it for no other reason than “must have the latest gadget”

(Jonathan) #15

True story, £999 for the iPhone X and its 5.8 inches (slightly bigger than the iPhone 8 plus)

iPhone 8 is £699 and the 8 plus with dual cameras is £799

(Jake Tame) #16

Goodbye Apple for me that’s just too much! On the 6 but it’s on it’s last legs. Will look to see what Google bring out next

(Herp Derp) #17

The 7 is now only £549 and the 6 £449


You’re all talking about £999 for iPhone X. Yes, that’s the price for the one with not quite enough memory. For one with enough memory, you’ll need to shell out £1,149.

You’re welcome.

(Herp Derp) #19

My 6 is a 64GB and I have 23GB available so a 64GB is fine for me

(Jonathan) #20

These are the prices and trade in values (if you are new) if you go for the iPhone upgrade programme