Need help deciding on next phone

I have come here as I know there is lots of both android and iPhone users.

My iPhone 13 battery has gone quite naff and also my contract price got yoinked up in price.

I’m looking at cancelling and picking up a pixel 7 on a killer deal I found.

Can’t even decide on white or black.

Never really used iPhone besides my work phone, which is not really android as it has all work systems that limit it all.

Do I jump ship to pixel? Need some buying advice so thanks in advance

  • Keep iPhone wait a year
  • Pixel 7 in black
  • Pixel 7 in white

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I just went from a 13 Pro to a Pixel 7 Pro and honestly I am very happy, if you aren’t locked into iOS for whatever reason you won’t miss it IMO.


I moved from 12 Pro Max to Pixel 6 Pro and I love it.

Mines in black/grey, amazing camera and the operating system, while different to iOS, is able to be personalised so much (or not at all if that’s you).

Takes a while to adapt, but you definitely get there. Be sure to amend the keyboard size though, makes such a difference.

In terms of your iPhone, what’s actually wrong with it?

You can also get some good trade in deals, I got £600 for my Pro Max when traded for the 6 Pro

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Do you have AppleCare+ and/or is your battery below 80% health? If so get Apple to swap the battery out, boom, sorted


Definitely feels like a battery replacement makes the most economical sense.

A new device is not going to give you any sort of material improvement in performance as the 13 is still a great phone.


Sorry just for clarity the iPhone 13 is costing me £42 a month after they raised it.

My cancellation is £440 and phone trades in at £470.

Pixel 7 is £19.99 upfront and £25 a month with a free Fitbit versa 4.

I do t have apple care for the battery.

So economically I can switch to pixel 7 for free and have a brand new device + save £17 a month.

Maybe that adds to the decision

Has anyone used both CarPlay and android auto? I love CarPlay but never used android auto


I’d like to give Pixel a try as I use Google apps and Google Nest, but I like my Watch too much to leave the Apple ecosystem. My work Samsung has put me off ever using Samsung as a personal device, what a load of bloated :poop:

As for your personal sums, if it saves you money, go for it. I buy my iPhones on the upgrade programme so am never in an airtime contract these days.


Agreed on the apple watch. Still got my series 6 here collecting dust.

Maybe one day apple will allow connection to android to sell more :upside_down_face::joy:

I have used both as my car supports both, CarPlay is definitely better but Android Auto is good enough for what I use it for (maps and music).

Never. It’s better to use it as a conversion tool to iPhone than the other way around

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I know. Wishful thinking though. :sweat_smile: Yet to see any glowing reviews of the pixel watch to convince me.

Quick update I went to the store to buy the pixel 7 and the assistant gave me a little demo. I found the screen to be quite dim for my liking and side by side I think I decided to just keep hold of my 13 and get the battery sorted.

Thanks for all the advice


Always go pro.

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I’m running an iPhone SE 2020 - just replaced my battery for £40 and it’ll probably last another year yet.

Considering you’re running a substantially newer phone I’d do the same unless you’re a photographer and desperately need one of the new camera upgrades.

Think you made the right choice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Surprisingly, I still use a Nexus 6 (2014) and a Nexus 7 v2 (2013), alongside my Pixel 5 daily. Outstanding pieces of kit.

The Pixel 5 is my daily driver, the Nexus 7 is the pinned-to-the-kitchen-wall home automation hub and the rooted Nexus 6 is responsible for several [cough] :android: app teardowns.

Admittedly, the Px5 will become officially unsupported next year, so the ‘8 Pro’ is on the cards. I’m still prising myself away from going for a Fold 4, which looks amazing, but sadly not Pixel/stock android.