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So I’m soon due an upgrade on my mobile phone. And I’m not sure what to go for.
I’m not massively technological and only really use my phone for the basics (calls, WhatsApp, banking, listening to music, amazon prime video, sports, the odd game bit not often and taking pics now and then)
I need a robust phone that can take a bit of a battering I use it in all sorts of environments from dry and dusty to cold and wet and everything inbetween.
I’m currently on a Samsung galaxy s8 that has stood up well with only one crack on the screen.
Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

If you don’t need it for anything fancy, just keep what you’ve got.

Go sim only and save a bunch of money each month. I’ve got the S8+ and was in the exact same situation as you because I didn’t see enough of a jump in improvements to make an upgrade worthwhile :slight_smile:

A couple of months ago I decided that I’m going to run this phone into the ground and I love paying £8 per month VS the ~£38 I was prior.


Samsung S10e
On offer at the moment.
£669 with£90 off sim free

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Think it’s only a matter of time till this one gives up the ghost. But I’m thinking of sticking with the Samsung option.

Edit: unless anyone knows of a more robust option that is.

Join the bitten fruit company. You know you want to turn to the dark side! :japanese_goblin:


I’d buy a Cherry :cherries:

I got the Samsung s10+ :grimacing: I would have kept the S8 but the camera on mine was veryyyy picky about when it wanted to work. Google suggested it was a thing

the s10e is pretty good if you don’t want to be too poor :money_with_wings:


Personally the pixel 3a, not too big, good price, well built and prob the best android experience.

Not forgetting it has one of the best cameras at the moment.

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Every iphone I’ve owned has broken inside a month they just aren’t robust enough for what I do. The screens just dont cope.


Highly recommend OnePlus phones, best I’ve had and I’m still on the 5T (they’ve released the 6, 6T, 7 and 7 Pro since so it’s stood the test of time). I’ve never felt the need to upgrade it and will only replace it when/if it breaks or becomes no longer functional.

I second the SIM only idea too. I know it’s not always possible, but I like to buy the unlocked handset outright to use as long as possible and enjoy the low monthly costs.

Wtf do you do to them… there’s nothing special about the screen there similar to android. Honestly, breaking your phones a month in is not normal.

Good news is you can get it repaired in warranty, unless (sometimes) you broke it ridiculously. Or with AppleCare if your phones break that often.

This phone still looks to be supported (Android 9) and is relatively new so I don’t see much reason to change unless the physical damage is an issue to you.

You should just change to a sim only imo, just because it’s ‘time to upgrade’ doesn’t really mean you need to.

If you are still looking for a new phone what’s your budget? iPhones work well, have decent dust and water protection and a little rubber case will make it a bouncy ball. If your concerned about accidental damage from harsh environments you can get phone insurance or AppleCare on top to cover that as well. Apples repair options are pretty decent in comparison to the competition. Not to mention the phones are supported on average for about 4-5 and a half years.


I have iPhone XR 128gb. Fantastic bit of kit, bought outright from Apple using a Three PAYG sim. Linked with my Apple Watch 4, I don’t need anything else.


Friend of mine worked as a foreman on construction sites. The only phone for him was a CAT phone.

According to him he dropped one 3 stories down a lift shaft and it survived with just a scratch!

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Rugged phones are a good shout,

There’s a good range available on Amazon and you can get cheaper by shopping around.

But depending on budget I’d prefer a more mainstream manufacturer and put a solid shock case on

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Agree with this. I have an S8+ due for upgrade in October. It is the first** phone I’m genuinely still happy with to the point where (for a change) I don’t want the latest and greatest - simply because it still works as well as it did on day one. It’s been great.

** My Nokia Lumia 1020 is an exception as I adored the camera and the OS, but there was barely any apps and the OS support was ending so was forced to give it up in the end.

I am in the army and my phone comes with me on exercise and the likes so often takes a bit of a battering within my kit.

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Thanks for your service.

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I’ve bought a Xiaomi Mi 9.

£400 from and is a brilliant phone for the price!