New phone advice

I would echo this. Rumoured to have same screen size as the 6,7 and 8. Give it a few weeks and see what comes out. If it turns out not to be within your price range, it will likely push down the price of getting a 7 or 8.


Thanks dude
Yes I heard about the new SE. My budget is £300 maximum

Yeah, monzo2018 is right. Even if the new SE is out of your price range, it’ll push the 8 down to well within it.

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As it’s probably out next week it’s certainly worth waiting to see the price drops on the older range

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Honestly you’ll really struggle finding a new(ish) iPhone for £300 without going refurbished/secondhand.

Seriously you can get a brand new pixel for this amount or a OnePlus (that is way more advanced) for a £100 more.

The one in a few months (September/October) will be the iPhone 12 with the huge 6.7"

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It was supposed to be March, then April 3rd now in two days? Either way that doesn’t stop you waiting a few months to save an extra £100 for it when it will last 5 years


All signs seem to point to a mid April release.

Having had a Nexus 6 and Moto G6 Plus at 6" it feels so awkward seeing a 4". I think the new one is 4.7" but still it’s like :face_with_monocle: squint

6.7" iPhone 12 sounds perfect, just need an Android rival like the Galaxy S10 5G or the HUAWEI Mate 20 X 5G at 7.2"…

:thinking: Maybe 7"+ is pushing it.

If my budget was £300 on iPhone I’d be taking a refurb iPhone 8 Plus. Better memory, GPU and the A11 vs A9 chip,

Right so the iPhone 8 is £480. So Even if the price did come down because of the new SE it probably wouldn’t be in my price range of £300

Done some YouTube on the iPhone 7 and comparison videos to the SE and it looks like my sort of phone

I’ll go ahead and get it providing Apple continues support for it for at least one year

iPhone 7 is a good phone, and will likely receive the iOS 14 update in the fall. However, I get your budget is limited, but the lifespan of that device in terms of OS updates won’t be very long, so you’ll end up having to spend again on a newer handset.

I believe iPhone XR is the best value you can get right now, and with stellar battery life and at least another 4 years of software updates (possibly more) will mean the device will last you significantly longer if you can save and stretch your budget.

Alternatively, hold out for news on iPhone 9/SE if you can (the price of that phone is expected to be below £399). And a quick note on Apple certified refurbished devices; they come with the same warranty and support as new devices, but go through more stringent quality control, which in some instances can make for more reliable hardware than a new model. It’s very much identical to buying a new phone and besides the box it comes in, you won’t notice a difference.


I’ve had a 6s for a number of years now. It was starting to get a bit sluggish so I was thinking of replacing it when I got hit with a “known problem”
Bottom of the screen stoped being touch sensitive which meant I couldn’t use it in most apps. It’s a known problem caused by pressing on the screen too hard (when I was cleaning it).
Phone was covered under insurance for repair or replacement. They have replaced with a refurbished 7s and a one year warranty.
7s has better camera, is waterproof and (seems) faster than the 6s. Home button takes a bit of getting used to though.
I’d look at the 7 if I was you as the camera o the 6 wasn’t good particularly I low light.

I think the UK price will be £425 if the US price comes in at $399
This would be in line with the UK markup on the iPhone 8 and the base iPad.

I am currently happy OnePlus 6 user, I will either switch to newest OnePlus when I will be changing, or I will get Samsung for waterproofnes - but I really don’t like their bloatware they are adding.

Gone for the 7.

Where’s the best place to get a case and screen protector? There’s a few on amazon but I’m not sure whether they are only for the plus model

The question can’t be answered here.
The Amazon listings are usually very clear @Venomx. Take a look through them.


Thanks Graham.
Found an excellent durable case with excellent reviews

Now for the screen protector… this is for the 7 and not the 7 plus right ?
I tried to ask on amazon but can’t because I don’t have prime

Unless I’m reading it wrong, both phones have the same screen size. Hence the Amazon listing is for either phone. The items will be suitable for both models. That ok?


That’s fine thanks.
I’m asking because there are also 7 plus and 8 plus models for which have bigger screens than the standard 7 and 8

Somebody on the Apple forums has confirmed its right for the 7

In case you need it in a few days time when the price drops…



I’m happy to pay the current price as I don’t Change my phone’s regularly

Same as my bike . Few days after I bought it it was reduced by £100. These things happen

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