Which phone?

Thinking of purchasing the iPhone SE 2020.

Have just seen the google pixel 4A advertised for early June and cheaper.

Android user looking to make the shift to IOS.

Anybody used the new iPhone SE yet? Any good?

The iPhone SE 2020 is really good. It’s fast, has a decent amount of storage space for the baseline and has very good camera quality considering the price.


Cheers pal, it looks very interesting

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I am holding it my hands! I bought it to replace my old SE. No problem with it at all, although I’m disappointed that the size and body shape is like that of an iPhone 6. I would have preferred smaller because I have small hands and struggle to touch all parts of the screen without having to adjust my grip. I went for the 128GB version. Do you have any specific questions?


It really seems like an excellent choice if you’re looking for a new iPhone and you’re not looking to spend £1k.

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Bang on…

Not really tbh just wondered what it was like, for some reason I’m really into this new SE. I’ll look at an iphone 11 and I’m not interested haha

Best advice from me is to go with the handset that will do what you actually want and not pay for features you don’t need. I’ve used iPhones almost exclusively for the last ten years or so and honestly it’s usually not worth going for the absolute latest and most expensive model.

I use a 7 Plus now, wasn’t the ‘best’ when I got it (more than two years ago) and it’s still completely fine now.

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My don

Perhaps consider a second hand iPhone 8/8 Plus? it’ll be chearper and the latter has a bigger screen

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For £400 you have got so many options. There is of course the SE 2020 or the 4a, like you mentioned.

But there is also the OnePlus Z, Xiaomi and Oppo to consider. These can be cheaper and come with more memory than the SE.

My advice, shop around.