New phone advice

So gave up on my huawei as it was playing up so temporarily using my old iPhone SE however the screen is too small

I like the iPhone 6S Plus however is it worth it as it’s quite old and Apple may discontinue support for it ?

Also it’s debatable whether it’s worth spending £300 for a phone which will perform the same but has a slightly bigger screen

The 6S and the SE have the same A9 processor and will become unsupported at the same time - whenever that will be.


You can get 8 Plus refurbs for about £300

You can get a Pixel 3a for £300 or less, the OnePlus 8 coming out soon.

There are so so many better phones for £300 than IPhone 6s

I want Apple dude. Tried both android and Apple and I prefer Apple


There’s rumours of a new iPhone SE in the next week or two, so I wouldn’t buy anything right now.


Will be small screen though

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Sim free. Bigger screen than the SE

I mean, have you though about getting a newer iPhone but getting it on a contract from O2 or whatever?

Don’t like being tied into a contract and also I have a good sim only plan from my provider


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Not too keen on a Refurbished id rather have new as I wouldn’t want to have anything wrong with it , thanks for the suggestion though

I’ll bear that in mind as I may go for it

Fair enough, well another +£280 on that and you could have it new.

With both android and apple stepping away from in-built privacy - my personal choice would be Silent Circle - blackphone 2

I know you don’t want Android but if it was me I’d spend £190 and get a new G8 Plus instead of an iPhone 8 Plus. So much better and £400 in your pocket still.

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I’ll either get the iPhone 6s Plus or the iPhone 7. They’re both the same price new but the 6s is old and the 7 only has a 4.7inch screen which is small however it will fit in my small hands better. I’m siding with the 7

Pretty much all refurb phones come with a 12 month warranty if you buy from a proper refurb store (i.e. not some random on eBay).

If you are considering a 4.7" iPhone I’d wait until the new iPhone SE gets released. The rumored size is 4.7" and the rumored US price is $399, which is lower than current iPhone 8 price. UK price might end up in your price range, but if not it will probably have the effect of drastically reducing the price on any new iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models that stores still have in their stock.


You could get a refurb phone directly from apple, same warranty, same support and its from the company that made it so its checked Properly before its sold.


Ok a 6s plus or the standard 7. That’s what I’m trying to decide