New Monzo Card (Premium) Wont Add to Apple Pay

Hi all, hopefully someone can help. I’ve recently upgraded from standard to Monzo premium. Every time i try to add my card to Apple Pay it says the card already exists or just that the card has not been added.
Ive tried the following:

  • Remove all cards from apple pay via phone
  • Remove all cards from apple pay via icloud site (on computer)
  • Reset all contents and settings, restored from previous back up
  • Disconnected from icloud, turned phone off, turned phone back on and logged back in to icloud.

Ive read a few other messages on here and it sounds like its a common problem however i have still yet to find a fix. Ive never had an issue with my previous Monzo card (orange) and used apple pay regularly.

Now ive upgraded to premium it feels like a downgrade! Im assuming this issue would still arise if i cancelled my premium and went back to standard as id have to re add my card.

Hi. Welcome.

Are you adding it from the Monzo app? Or from the Wallet?

There was a MasterCard problem last week that they were working to resolve where people couldn’t add cards. Might not be fixed yet

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I had the same exact issue when upgraded my iPhone last week, it didn’t allow me to add via the iPhone wallet but worked flawlessly when added from within the Monzo app!

Ive got other cards that are mastercard and they seem to add to apple pay no problem. Will look into it though thanks.

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Ive tried both ways. Either says the card already exists which it doesnt or just to contact monzo but been going round in circles since Saturday.

Doesnt work in either for me unfortunately.

My new coral card won’t add too. “This card has already been added” is the error message I seem to get.

Contacted customer support and was eventually was told that Mastercard themselves have an issue that’s still ongoing making some new cards on their network unable to be added to Google or Apple wallets.

They will let me know when this issue has been fixed and when that happens I’ll update it here.

Not Monzos fault, totally out of their control. I’ll just use my starling card for daily spending in the meantime.

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OK thanks for the info. Hopefully Mastercard sort this issue soon.

I am having the same issue, did you get it resolved?

Yes but they had to send me a new card out. Worked straight away.

Hi. I now have the same issue with my monzo premium card (Mastercard). Have tried all the fixes suggested online:

  • monzo app force restart
  • deletion of all cards in iCloud account
  • etc

Please help!!!

Only thing that fixed it for me was a replacement card unfortunately.

This is some old advice back from the last time Apple were having Apple Pay issues (which we were assured had been resolved months ago)

  1. Delete your Monzo card from Apple Pay
  2. Go to: Settings > iCloud - at the bottom of the screen, Sign out
  3. Go to: Settings > Touch ID & Passcode - Turn Passcode off
  4. Restart your iPhone.
  5. Sign back in to iCloud
  6. Turn Passcode back on
  7. Add your card to Apple Pay again

We were working directly with Apple to try and resolve these issues so this should work as long as you have the latest version of the Monzo app and iOS.


Any fix for this yet? The instructions noted above are now out of date and do not reflect the actual steps that occur. For example, Touch ID & Passcode is called FaceID. Also many more dialog boxes appear that need to be answered.

In my experience, this workaround does not work. Monzo Premium cannot be added on Apple Pay if a previous account existed on Apple Pay. Apple Pay believes that the previous account still exists - which is probably does even if the card has changed.

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Have you tried deleting the old Monzo card from your ApplePay and then adding your new Premiun card?

All kinds of combinations. First of all the old Monzo card disappeared. So - no option to delete it. Then I removed all cards… no fix. Then I reset Apple Wallet - no fix… then reset iCloud / login - no fix. Apple still believes it exists. I would be willing to guess that the software the attempts to cancel or close the original Monzo doesn’t do it correctly leaving an invisible card. In Apple Wallet, you can add cards that are not visible - a sort of recovery - but that account / card does not show up. Despite that, when you do an add is says it already exists.

What steps are you following to add it? In the app, or through wallet?

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Tried both. In both instances, you get through the name, card number, expiry and 3 digit entry and attempt to ‘Next’ and it presents the

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Are you using iOS beta?