Monzo Plus Wont add to google pay for contacless

Ive spoken to both google and monzo and still this issue is not fixed. My standard monzo work perfectly contactless and i never used the card.

I have tried all the usual removing the card completely and add it a fresh.

Not happy. And will downgrade back to normal after the 3 month

Hi Nathaniel & welcome :wave:

Does your Monzo Plus card itself work contactless?

Are you asking for help or just stating that you’re going to downgrade?

Either way you’ll need to get your issue fixed. When you downgrade you’ll be issued a new card and there’s a good chance you’ll run into trouble adding that too.

I am having the exact same problem apart from its Apple Pay. My new Monzo premium card will not add. Apple support where amazing call back within minutes and check to make sure everything was working fine with my iphone. Still waiting for Monzo to respond in chat 3 day and I got it’s been passed to a specialist. Just wondering if this was a common problem.

Are you adding it through the app or via the card number, expiry and cvv?

If you’re using the TestFlight you need to uninstall that, and get the proper version from the App Store and then it will add directly.

No I’m not on a testflight I’ve tried both ways I have removed all cards from Wallet and add all of them again but can’t add Monzo premium card my monzo joint account and virtual card adds and all my other credit cards

Odd, and it’s definitely been activated? Stupid question I know.

Monzo seem slow at replying to anyone lately as noted on the forums.

Definitely been activated I guess I just have to wait for a Monzo to respond

How many cards do you have in Apple Pay?

Six but seven when the problem is resolved I have an update from Monzo from the Payments team taking over here again :wave:
Thanks so much for your patience and I’m really sorry to hear that my steps didn’t work.
I’d also like to apologise for the delay in getting back to you. We’re a smaller team of specialists dealing with a high demand for support and so it can sometimes take us a little longer to reach back out!
In the meantime, I’d like to keep investigating this for you.
Mastercard are currently experiencing a few issues with activating some cards for Apple Pay that are beyond our control. Their engineers are looking into this, but unfortunately we don’t have a timescale for the fix just yet.
As the above steps haven’t worked, I’ve logged this with the engineers so we have these details.
Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with in the meantime, otherwise I hope the rest of your day goes well :pray:

That’s a pain but at least you know it’s not just you and they’re working on it

I put the update on in case someone else is experiencing the same problem


There’s a problem causing this at the moment and we’re working with MasterCard to get this fixed asap.

Sorry :disappointed:



This is very frustrating as my std monzo worked fine and i use contactless for everything. Now im paying for plus and i cant use it for contactless.

You can try to add a virtual card from a pot to your wallet and see if that works (caveat, I don’t know if it will - I’m still on holiday!) but it’s worth a try.

Otherwise I’m afraid you’ll have to stick to the physical card until this is resolved.

virtual card from pot works but its very inconvenient…

Any idea when this issue will be sorted?