New Monzo Card (Premium) Wont Add to Apple Pay

Nope. 15.5.
I thought I had found the issue when I realized my MBP had the old card still visible and classified as Pending Deletion on iCloud. However even when using the Removal All… option to remove all of these cards the same error appears on the iPhone.

I have also tried switching off the Pay on Mac option. No joy

Have you tried contacting Apple to see if it’s a problem in their end and sounds like their system hasn’t deleted the card. Must say I’ve never had a problem like this and I’ve added and deleted card many times

So have I with no problems. There is something different about the Monzo Premium card switch from regular Monzo. It recognizes it as a new card but it is on the same account but it is a different type of account. I am willing to bet a syncing error occurs when it seems to think the Monzo Premium card / account is new but it is infact an existing account. Something like that. I will give iCloud some time to sync to see if that sorts things out. The Mac to ICloud sync might still be an issue…

After 2 calls with Apple support, both escalated that lasted almost 3 hours in total, no success. Something is wrong with Monzo, or Apple Pay / Wallet technology.

Tried called Monzo support - they point me towards using Chat.

Been waiting on Monzo chat (after I managed to find it purposely hidden away) and have been waiting with no response now for 90 minutes.

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Chat is responded to in a priority order, so you might be waiting a while. No need to keep an eye on it though, just go about your day and you’ll see when they reply.

After 5.5 hours, and about 5hrs 20 minutes of waiting, same instructions (with errors) sent to me as were explained to me by Apple (with the exception of the re-install of the Monzo app). Not surprisingly for the 3rd time the same outcome.

If Monzo would like some help in getting to the bottom of the problem that has occurred with me, and other users, feel free to have a tech contact me directly.

I’ve just removed mine and added it again, albeit pink card, and it worked fine.

Bare with me I’ll see if I can find out more.

Are the details stored in Safari at all? May also be worth checking other Apple software to make sure it doesn’t exist anywhere.

Unable to see anything internally about this specifically :worried:

Safari and I think Google also store the cards details but these are just auto-fills and dont impact the adding to a wallet or otherwise.

I have noticed an issue with the Add to Apple Pay functionality in the Monzo app. It allows you to either add to a Phone or to an apple Watch - which I have. I can add the card to my watch which I believe is not supported by Apple, at least on my watch. On my Apple Watch you can only add a card that already exists on the iPhone.

You should be able to add to watch without adding to iPhone?

Comes up for me just fine.

Is the old Monzo card on the watch thus causing this problem? As the Monzo card should have automatically updated itself without need to add or remove.

Can you remove from Watch fully then go again if there?

I can add / remove from the watch the problem card. The issue only manifests on adding / removing my iphone. I used to use this a lot, but not since switching to Premium.

So - for me, Monzo Premium does not support Apple Pay on an iPhone.

Ah, so you’ve removed from both iPhone and watch, and then tried to add again in iPhone only?

Removed, added, removed, added etc etc etc. The only one I cannot add (or remove) is the Monzo Premium card on my iPhone.

Did you have any joy with this? I’m having the exact same issue!!! Followed all the steps you have but apple still thinks my old card exists, even though it’s a different card number!!!

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Nothing. Messaged with Monzo support who go through the same set of options with the same result. Was ‘escalated’ to Engineering 2 weeks ago. Silence…I am sure this doesn’t happen to
Everyone that goes from regular monzo to premium but clearly a few. For us, pay the monthly fee and lose Apple Pay support.


Okay! So i had some joy! Basically the premium card is still associated with your old (coral) card so Monzo sent me a new metal card and that ‘severed’ the link between the original cards! See if you can get onto support! This worked for me and now I’ve got premium in Apple Pay!!!


I think you are right Sam. I will take your advice and request a new card. I think the process to have the old card removed has some issues leaving a ghost version of the card that cannot be seen and therefore cannot be removed allowing the new premium card to be added successfully.

I suspect behind the scenes the problem is also related to multi-region or multi-device handling with a discrepancy between how Monzo registers cards versus how Monzo does.

Just had a strange one. Monzo Plus card already added to Wallet on iPhone but wouldn’t add to my new Apple Watch. Same message as above - either try again or add it later. There was no option in the Monzo app to add it, either.

I removed the card from the iPhone Wallet and the in-app option came back, so I added it to the iPhone then tried to add it to the watch again and it still wouldn’t.

Removed the card from the iPhone so that the in-app option to add came back. This time I added the card to the watch (without adding it to the iPhone). This worked, and I noticed that the in-app Apple Pay option was still available, so I used that to add the card to the iPhone.

Now have the card added to both iPhone and Watch, but what a carry-on.