Adding Monzo Plus card to Apple Pay

Hello, I have upgraded to Monzo plus a week ago and for some reason it’s not letting me add the card to Apple Pay! I get error code saying please contact your issuer for more info. Spoke to Monzo and they said it’s Apple’s fault, then spoken to Apple and they said it’s Monzo’s… I have tried every single possible way of adding the card but it doesn’t work in the iPhone and iPad just on the Apple Watch. Has anyone else experienced this? Any help would be much appreciated.

I assume you have tried it - but has removing any monzo card from Wallet helped?

If not, have you tried restarting your phone?

When I signed up the only issue was the card colour didn’t update, but doesn’t sound the case here?

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Yep tried all these steps and still nothing. Just seems really weird. Never had that issue before. I just hope it fixes itself somehow. I even restored the iPhone and set it up as new! :thinking:

Are you using TestFlight? If so install the normal app from the App Store and then add the card to Apple Pay as normal.


That’s what worked for me.

I had similar issue and when you set the card as the express travel card - it just works. Not sure why ? Give it a try.

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