Unable to Add Monzo Card to Apple Wallet

Hi folks,

I’m looking for a little assistance here. I have just switched phones from Android to iOS and I cannot get my Monzo card added to the Apple Wallet. All other cards have gone through OK, it is just my Monzo card.

When I attempt to add the card:

  1. Open Monzo App
  2. Choose Manage
  3. Click “Add to Apple Wallet”
  4. Agree the Ts&Cs

I just get a “Card Not Added - Contact your card issuer for more information” and two options of “Add Card Later” or “Try Again”. They both fail!

Any ideas?

Hi. Welcome.

Try doing it via Apple Wallet instead of via Monzo.


Hi and welcome.

What @Revels says but if this is what happened to me this won’t work either.

Essentially the link to add to wallet only works once in reality. I had to speak to chat and get them to look into it but they couldn’t reset it and I had to wait for the real card to arrive.

Tip - if you are on Monzo plus create a virtual card and set it to pay from the main account. Then add that to the wallet. It’s what I had to do.


I faced similar situation when I moved from my old iPhone to the new one. Try this, it worked for me:

Uninstall Monzo app from the new phone

Install again from AppStore

When you enter you credentials, Monzo will bring a notification for you to activate your Monzo account on that phone. Maybe do a video recording, etc.

Once the account is activated you should be able to add it seamlessly

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This is the likely issue. I’ve had instances where switching device actually disables the account entirely.

Good security measure, but not so good when adding cards to Google Pay/Apple Pay.

Did you find any solution? I’m tired of reinstalling the app and trying different things. Nothing worked so far