How do I contact Monzo?

My new card isn’t accepted by Apple Wallet. It tells me to contact the issuer. How do I do that?

Open the monzo app > Press help in the bottom left > type in contact us > start a chat

Are you adding via Apple Wallet or via the Monzo app?

Try the other one

I have used both with the same effect. I went first with Monzo which added it to Wallet, but Wallet was complaining that it couldn’t use it. So I deleted it from Wallet and tried to re-add it manually. It went through all the steps but at the very end it failed and told me to contact the issuer. I also tried adding it to my Watch and had the same experience.

So how do I contact Monzo?

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@Ashton posted how to do that.

Have you been through the ApplePay help articles?

Is this a Monzo Premium card by any chance?

I tried that and was asked to choose from a small set of themes, none of which met my needs. There was no “Other” option or similar so I couldn’t breakthrough and get to the humans behind the wall.

No, just a regular card.

Apple Pay has already offered its solution: contact Monzo. It’s just absurdly difficult to do that…

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Apple Pay suggested that. But that’s not what Monzo say. The help article says the following;

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If you also have your card on Apple Watch, remove from there too, and start a fresh. Hopefully Mastercard fixes soon.

Many thanks for that. I’ll give it a whirl and report back.

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“Sorry, we couldn’t add your card right now”. So I guess it’s the Mastercard problem. I’ll have to go back to carrying around a physical wallet for a while…

Many thanks for the help of all of you.

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Have you actually activated the card?

If you haven’t activated it then that can be another reason.

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Yes, I did that first and had no problems.

It’s been a month now and I’ve completely stopped using the account. Might as well change banks. Is Starling a good alternative?



Change to one that will give you money. Then to Starling.