My fiancé opened account

He’s a chinese national but opened account besides some issues with I’d not being accepted it finally worked. It says his cards on the way but won’t let him view his account till he activated the card??

I can access my new account without card having arrived, what’s up with that?

We’d need more details to be able to try and help, and this is a user community, if it’s a major issue, better to contact Monzo directly.

What exact error msg is he seeing? Android or iOS? Has he logged in correctly? Using the same details he signed up with?

My partner wasn’t able to access her account until the card arrived, yet my brother was immediately upon signup.

This was a year ago mind you, and at the time Monzo said that they were randomly testing immediate account access. So I’d be surprised if this was still the case…

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It’s more of a case of not having access on sign up it’s just telling him to wait for card.

It’s more a pain as we opening these accounts to do the joint but can’t open it till he has app access from what I understand

Yeah, it sounds pretty much the same. I remember at the time there was a bit of confusion, as they were advertising immediate access using Google Pay but actually only a portion of customers were able to do this.

As I said, I’d be surprised if it was still in a random testing phase, so if I were you I’d contact Monzo on chat using your account and see what they say. Either way, your fiance should have his card in next couple of days so won’t be too long to wait :slight_smile:

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Without double checking it could be an extra step of verification - address verification.

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Support looked in to it and said can give him account details but no access to app. Said wait for card to come :roll_eyes: