Debit card delivery

Hey guys,

I created a Monzo current account for myself last Friday and I still didn’t get the card. How long does this usually take and is there a way to find out if its been sent?

try emailing or try their twitter account


This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that there’s about 450k pre paid accounts waiting to be converted to Current Accounts and they’ve only done about 27k so far?


If it was Friday it possibly wasn’t posted until yesterday. I’d give it a couple of days before chasing up but if you get worried you can message via the help section in the app to see if they know if it’s been sent.


good point - I assumed, perhaps wrongly that Naresh already had the pre paid card - if you have only just applied for a current account card without any previous contact with Monzo and no pre paid card it will be a while to get the card because there will be potentially around 450,000 people already waiting for a card in front of you in the queue Naresh

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Ah right. Thanks for that Ian. I’ve e-mailed anyway to get an idea of an estimated timeline.

this below is from the blog post about current accounts you might like to read in full from the Monzo website

“More than 450,000 customers are now using our hot coral cards, so it will take a few weeks for everyone to be invited to upgrade. Our aim is to have invited all our users to upgrade by the end of November.”

these timings are only a guide and will probably over run slightly :slight_smile:

  • the full blog post -

This is correct. To explain a little, our card manufacturers do not produce or post cards on the weekends. (We’re looking at ways to fill that gap!) They receive all the weekend orders very early on Monday morning and produce the cards throughout the day, posing the batch before the end of day. From there, it’s up to the speed of Royal Mail. Typically, cards arrive within 1–3 days but if it gets to more than 5, let support know! :postbox:


I just got in touch with the support team at Monzo through e-mail and they said that the card was posted yesterday. That’s great because I really wanted to get my hands on it and was bummed out when I got to know that 450k people are ahead of me.

Thanks a lot for your replies guys. Really helpful! Monzo going to get big real quick.