You can now use Google Pay when you’re waiting for us to replace your Monzo card

(And we’re bringing it to Apple Pay soon too!)


How does this impact on things like freezing your card? Because you have to freeze your card to get a replacement, and if I had reported it lost/stolen I don’t want to have to keep freezing/unfreezing to enable this?

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It only works when you order a new card… itll then add the new card to your account and remove the old one.

Thats what i took from it anyway.

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If you order a new card your lost/stolen one is cancelled and will not work.

That happens at every bank.

Yes! Been looking forward to this for ages , especially good if you’re abroad.

If you freeze the card, does Google Pay still work?


No… it freezes the google pay card also so it cannot be used.

It specifically mentions waiting for a card when yours is lost or stolen.

How do I reset my Monzo card PIN number if I forgot it? How many attempts can I try to recall my PIN number at the ATM machines and will the ATM retain my Monzo card after how many attempts? Thanks!

That will let you see your current PIN, the one you chose when you created your Monzo account. If you want to change it you have to go to an ATM, insert your card and choose ‘PIN Services’.

If your card is locked/blocked because you entered the PIN wrong three times in a row you can unlock it the same way.

If an ATM ever retains your card choose the ‘Freeze’ option in the above picture the replace and choose the ‘Lost/damaged card’ to get a new one.

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So today I went back to work after being sick for 3 days to find my Monzo card hasn’t arrived and its been over a week. So I request a replacement card to find my card saved on google pay disappears (makes sense) but the new card doesn’t add itself so I am unable to use it which is quite a problem for me as all my cash is in this bank and i have no way to access it. I then read about this feature, so why isn’t it working for me?

No one on the forum knows. You’ll need to contact Monzo.

When did you order the new card? If it was before the announcement than maybe it isn’t retroactive? Could possibly be only cancellations after the announcement.

Just an idea anyway

It was today about 10ish. Normally I’d hsve kept money in a different account but it’s been closed down in the switch :woman_facepalming:

I have, not getting any answers and sometimes forums have the knowledge :slight_smile:

You’re right. I was a bit abrupt. Apologies.

Reading through your posts above, would I be right to assume that this is your first Monzo card you’re waiting for, and it was sent to your work address?

Not a problem.

Yes first card and it was sent to my work address

I’ve seen other people saying that first cards aren’t available in Google/apple pay straight away.

Pure speculation but it may be an extra identity validation step of some sort but I can’t think how.

You seem to be moving to an Android release first company. Is this a trend that will continue?