Re-ordered a Monzo card as My card had not arrived on the mentioned date of delivery


I created a monzo account on 14th Dec and the card delivery date mentioned on the app was 17 to 19 Dec, as my card didn’t arrive yesterday (19th Dec), I have re-ordered a Monzo card this morning. And today (20th Dec) when I got home, my card was delivered. Tried calling on the Monzo helpline, no answer.
Do I use this card or wait for my new card to arrive? Has anyone done this before?
Please advise.

Thank you!!

The card will not work until it is activated of I remember correctly, you should just be able to use one of the two cards and dispose of the other.

Welcome @PatilS!

You can use either card, as @Darken mentioned, it won’t work until you activate it in the app :slight_smile:

Cards can take up to 5 working days to arrive, although normally it’s only 1-2. The post will be a lot busier this time of year though so that’s why it took a little longer than the app suggested, sorry about that!

Any other questions at all you can reach out over the in app chat or the forum (lots of very helpful people here!) and have a happy holiday!


And the moral of this sorry tale is… the post is often delayed at Christmas.


Royal Fail.


Fail mail

You should’ve waited because I didn’t see what the rush was. Things don’t always get delivered on the estimated day especially around Christmas times.

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Maybe if that had been mentioned in the sign up process, the situation could have been avoided.

You want Monzo to specifically mention that the post is busier and possibly subject to some delay in the run up to Christmas?


I don’t give a flying flamingo whether or not Monzo specifically mention it. I was just suggesting that some new customers might be helped if they did :man_shrugging:

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