New Monzo account created, card delivery time

Hi there so I set up an account on Thursday morning and my app says that my new card should arrive by Monday, Unfortunately, it hasn’t yet, so I’m wondering if I should be worried. Is there a way of checking to see if it has definitely been created or dispatched?

Kindest Regards

From my experience with the Royal mail I’d wait until tomorrow. If you haven’t received your card by then, contact Monzo through the in app chat.


Thank you :slight_smile: fingers crossed for tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Hey @Fabiocalvente

So sorry to hear about this :disappointed_relieved:

As @nanos says, if the card hasn’t arrived by tomorrow you should be able to double check your address and order another card. I’m afraid sometimes they do go missing, but, the good news is they are only activated when you link them with your app :muscle:

@HughWells @nanos thanks guys, received it today!! :slight_smile: all set up now


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