How long do cards normally take to arrive?

I applied for a Monzo account on 27th December and the app says my card should have arrived by 3rd January. However, the post has arrived today and still no Monzo card.

I appreciate I applied during the post Christmas period, but there were 3 working days last week and the volume of post is vastly reduced now that Christmas is out the way.

If cards generally take several days longer than the estimate, I’ll happily wait, just a bit concerned.

I’d be giving it a few more days yet before I worried.

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The two times I’ve waited for a card, it’s been next day.

But the Christmas chaos is far from over! You’ll just have to wait another few days and if it doesn’t arrive it will let you order another.

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I received a Christmas card today, which tells you how overloaded the postal service has been!


Good point. I got a Christmas card today that had 15 December as the date stamp on it.

I’d rather wait than re-order another and then have two arrive closely together.

Thanks all for the quick replies!

You should be able to reorder a new one if the due date has passed. There’s no harm in doing so, just activate the first one to arrive.

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Strangely, if I go to order a replacement card, it tells me my original card was expected between 31 December and 4 January (i.e. today).

I’ll give it a couple more days. It may not have even entered the postal system until a day or two after I created my account.

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No card arrived today either, so I went into the app to reorder one but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work.

I tap the ‘Reorder card’ link and the link text briefly goes lighter (so it’s registering my click) but it doesn’t go to a confirmation page.

I’m assuming my only option is to contact Monzo via the help function.

It doesn’t let you re-order because not enough time has passed yet.

That can’t be right. I opened my account on 27 December and was advised the card would be with me by 3 January at the latest.

I got a notification via the app yesterday advising me to reorder my card given that I’m well beyond the last expected date.

On the homepage it says:
“Your card should’ve arrived
Activate it or tap to reorder”

When I tap that option it says:
“If your new card never arrived and it’s past the estimated date, reorder another one” and there’s a “Reorder card” link below that.

I feel if reordering a card wasn’t an option for me, I wouldn’t have been told numerous times that it is an option… It’s not a very good customer journey if so.

It’s not unusual for the copy to not match what the app will let you do.

It’s only been 4 working days (5 if you include today) so I expect Monzo have stretched the time before you’re allowed to re-order a card, but that doesn’t match the text.

I’ve never had this issue, just going by what people repeatedly ask about cards and arrivals etc.

It’s all likely exacerbated by postal delays at the moment.

From what I gather, Monzo don’t send cards tracked, so their estimated of when they think it should arrive - are exactly that.

It sounds like they aren’t building in any COVID / Christmas buffer into how that estimate works. (At least, in so far as they can’t give an accurate delay assessment for every postal area)

But for what it’s worth - this week I’ve received post that had a November postmark.

You could drop a note into Chat and ask - it’s likely that the COps team will have a better understanding of what the delays typically mean and advise if it’s worth reordering.


Fair enough, just strikes me as odd that the app wouldn’t at least launch an error page telling me it’s too soon to order a replacement (or, better yet, hide the option).

Including a link that’s unclickable is a bit daft.

Not getting at you, @Revels - I appreciate your time in trying to help me :smiley:

As mentioned they’re not tracked so they can’t pinpoint the cause - therefore they just keep the message generic.

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Welcome to Monzo :rofl:

I would imagine there’s a IF(Card=Not arrived>6,allowreorder,“broken button”)

And someone has changed that 6 to 10 or something and not updated the copy on the page.


Well, I contacted Monzo via the in-app chat and they offered to send me a new card once I confirmed my account address.

I’m pretty sure I was speaking to a bot throughout the whole process, though, as I asked a couple of questions and just got told “I can reorder one for you if you confirm your address”. Fingers crossed it works.

My guess is an A/B test to see who clicks the button most frequently; those with an activated button, or those without.


Well, Monzo cards are obviously like buses because both my original card and replacement card arrived today, despite the latter only being ordered and sent yesterday!

I presume these cards are contactless as it lets me add it to Apple Pay. Only asking because there’s no contactless logo on the card?

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Unless you have the only non contactless Monzo card, yes, they are contactless. Is the symbol not on the back?

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Have you checked the rear of the card?

Edit: Pipped to the post!

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