New layout combining accounts is a bad idea

Just tried the new Monzo app layout and having transactions from my personal account and joint account all combined together within the same Activity list is super confusing knowing what money was spent from which account.

I love Monzo and will keep my main account here but if this layout is implemented I will have to move my joint account to another bank as what is the point of having 2 accounts if all the information is combined into one list?


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Tapping on the personal / joint card shows transactions in more detail for the selected account just as before…

@caribo Thanks for this, that’s awesome to know I can ignore the new layout and go back to the way that works for me with just one tap.

What is going on at the moment? Has Monzo suddenly pushed the new layout out to a load of users? Never seen people signing up in such quick succession before


New customers get the new interface with no option to switch it off.

Some existing users are being AB tested on (my mom is one) with the new interface and no option to turn it off.

The rollout stage is definitely underway.


More :soon:

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That explains it then! The influx is likely to continue for a while…